How To Write Create Compelling Call-To-Action To Maximize Your Conversion Rate


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Trust me, these are so yesterday’s call to actions which will never give you the desired result as your target market is much more smarter, experienced and intelligent than they were before. If you have been into marketing for years, you are aware of how boring and incapable these CTA buttons are. They will never convert. All you need is to create compelling Call-To-Action.


Well, you definitely want to see more and more visitors hitting the checkout button. Isn’t it? To do that firstly they have to click the initial button and when you improve that single button, you can expect more.

In order to boost the conversion rate, your call to action button is the first thing that you need to take care of. As a marketer, stop neglecting this small thing. Even when it looks small, it is the primary step for conversion. Small can actually give you big results.

Just for an example if you have a CTA button that does not convey any message to the audience or is very weak, it is actually the primary reason for failing to getting converted into sales.

There are people who are still unaware of its large scale importance. Some of the marketers are still not emphasizing on using effective CTA button and the worst thing is, some are not even using it.

It’s high time to stop making any excuses instead use your brain in making strategies that will give you real time results. This has proven to boost the conversion from 20 – 95%.

So let’s find how to improve the CTA?

Your CTA should be Benefit Oriented:

Why will your customer choose you over others? What do you offer? Yes! Your customer thinks like this and therefore your CTA needs to be in such a way that it shows clicking here would have some benefit.

Well, how to get one, right? Just think what compelled you to buy the last time? What was the Call to action used by that xyz company that compelled you to click? This is very sure that you would never have bought anything unless something actually attracted you!

A user will never get attracted if the CTA button is not convincing. They definitely would try to know what exactly they will get without wasting time. This is the reason why the CTA needs to proffer some kind of information to your customers.

Results are different for different marketers as some saw real time results when they placed the subscription button on its bottom, while others observed more conversion when the button was placed towards the left. It requires a bit of experiment in order to find what works best for your customers.

Moreover, don’t forget to find out the color of the button. Colors are something that attracts customers, so don’t forget to check that.

Build Curiosity:

No matter whatever niche you are focusing, trust me people throughout the world are very curious about everything. This is one of the simplest ways of compelling your users.

Curiosity needs to be built in a way by giving them some piece of information that they have never heard before. Make the call to action button in a way that it burns the desire of hitting it to know more about what exactly is going on.

To build curiosity, it is always recommended to make use of emotional words like fun, trust, surprise, delight and satisfaction. These are the words that trigger the emotional button and create the curiosity. The urge of knowing more in customers is very important.

You always need to keep in mind that users whom you are focusing aren’t any robots, they are human being. They will constantly make a rational and emotional choice which again depends on information that has been given to them.

These buttons should look like buttons:

Signifiers are very critical when it is about user-experience (UX) and conversions. When it is about “signifiers” in the web page, it is mostly about making elements in such a manner that it looks exactly the way it is supposed to look like. That means that the button needs to look like a button.

This will again help the users immediately identify the button. Your CTA button should not be like it is playing hide and seek, while it will be very easily visible just when they drop in your website.

Therefore once you have decided to place the CTA button, ask these few questions to yourself prior to putting it live.

  • First, Will your visitors identify the button once they visit the website?
  • Secondly, is the button visible?
  • Thirdly, is it attractive or compelling?

Finally if there is three yes, just go for it.


Yes! We all look for ways to not to spend our money. The excitement reaches to cloud 9 when the free stuff is very useful for you. Now accept it, it’s common and happens with me all the time. 

Now it is quite justifiable that you will not offer something like free dining, free 5 days tour to Maldives and so on. Therefore you need to offer something that your users will not be able to resist like an interesting eBook. Offering freebie is a great way to attract customers as well as retaining them. Therefore start practising it if you want them to stick to you and buy only from you.

One thing you need to keep in mind that you need to give something to get something big. Also, you require attracting by triggering their emotional side. So these were the few most effective ways to create compelling Call-To-Action. 

If you have other ideas, feel free to write down in the comment section.

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