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5 Hacks How To Use Title Tag To Increase Your Blog Traffic


If you are still thinking that that whether the title tag still have any values in today’s SEO, then the good news is YES! It still matters a lot. Especially, when it about the click through rate, it is one of the vital factors.

From the various correlation studies in the past, it has been observed that in the past years, different things have been decreasing. But then again, different other experiments have shown that when people have changed their title tag, it can actually result in increasing your blog traffic.

Coming to the various other aspects of the title tags which marketers forget is the click through rate. This can enhance the traffic to a great extent when you get the perfect title tag. Now if you are asking regarding the traffic increase by means of click through rate, then you have observed it in a lot of experiments.

When you get traffic by increasing the click, it also results in increasing in ranking under various circumstances therefore you acquire dual advantage. So today we will talk about the top 5 ways to use the title tag in your website that results in increase in traffic and raking. You can acquire amazing benefits like traffic increase and increase in you blog rankings.

So the most crucial thing to understand is you need to experiment.  The ideas that I am going to write, not all of them will work great, but some of them will definitely do. SEO results can be observed when made the best practices, but only when you experiment to find which works for you, you get the best results.

So keep trying some of these and check which works best for you.


Numbers are definitely a great way to snatch the attention like the “Top 5 SEO tricks” or “Top 2 Creepy Movies”. When it is about getting the stand out look, including numbers on the title tag seems a thumbs-up.

This is because when you get a lot of information and you are finding something in specific, going through all the information seems time taking. Instead when you find something in specific like the top 2 or top 3, you brain immediately focuses on it. This is the reason why it is always recommended to use numbers in the title tag.


This is another great way to take the focus. We have observed how people are more interested in knowing the Oscar winner in 2016 rather than Oscar Winners. When you make the title more specific, indirectly you increase your blog traffic.

This is the reason why while making the keyword research by using tools like Google AdWords, Keyword Explorer or SEMrush, try choosing keywords that have the year in it. Since the data of 2017 is not yet available, therefore start looking for previous year’s data.

If you are using WordPress and you make use of the Yoast plugin, it will help to update the title tag automatically depending on the year or even depending on months. Not for all circumstances, this seems good, but certain keywords do well in the market.

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Length of the title tag is one of the most controversial topics that had caused a rush in SEO. While making an SEO audit of your blog, you need checking two things. One is that title tags should never be too short and second is way too long.

So are you thinking how to write a title tag? Let’s find out more about it.

  • Research Study: In a recent study where researchers have measured thousands of URLs, they have found title tags way too longer which is a big problem. This is the reason why they have shortened the title tag not way too much, but keeping it short while conveying the message.
  • 50 – 60 Characters: Not too long and not too short, might confuse you. So the best way to write a title tag is keeping the limit to 50 -60 characters.
  • Make Use of Top Keywords: You definitely need to put keywords in your title and therefore when you are shortening it, make keyword research properly to find what the visitors are actually using while keeping the title within the limit.

Therefore hopefully this will be able to help you get the right title for your blog.


As we have previously discussed the advantages of using call to action in your blog site or ecommerce website, here also in the title it works great. When you start including action words in your title, it actually results in more engagement.

Some of the most common action words are search, listen, buy, find, access and download. Making use of these words in your title tend to increase the excitement. Therefore you need to keep it catchy and exciting like “Wow! I just downloaded and found this”. This automatically builds interest in audience and results in more engagement.


It is always suggested by the top marketers to use questions as the title tag. It’s like if the keyword is butterflies migrate, then it should be like “Where do butterflies Migrate?” This actually builds the curiosity of knowing more and people start clicking, hence it automatically increases your blog traffic.

This is quite easy to understand and hence people who have knowledge about marketing uses it quite often.

So these are the top few tips that you can use while writing the title tags. As you all know that it is the first thing that is observed by people, therefore make sure that you experiment properly to acquire more traffic.

If you have any other idea about ways to increase traffic by emphasizing on title tag, feel free to comment down below. Don’t forget to hit the like button if you find it helpful.

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