7 sure fire ways to increase your adsense revenue


Earning billion dollars a month from blogging! Sounds so satisfying, right? Well Undoubtedly, a big YES, but how? Have you thought of increasing your revenue by making use of AdSense? If you still haven’t, then please do as here I will be sharing some of the great tips on the ways to increase your adsense revenue that will hit the earning pattern in a positive way.

If you have been into blogging for years, then you definitely know that adsense is a top revenue generation program for bloggers. Well I have previously written the ways to earn from blogging where AdSense was a point, now its the time to learn a bit more about it.

Here we will find out advanced tips that will increase the revenue from blogging.

One of the prime factors that needs to be considered is  the involvement of placing your ads. Make sure you do not violate the policies of AdSense where you are placing your ads in a way that forces users to click on them.

When taking all the factors in consideration, the new interface of AdSense which includes easy interface becomes a great choice for users. This will definitely help boosting the website as well as the revenue structure.

Easy Tips For Improving AdSense revenue:

As we all know that more traffic is equivalent to making more money from your blog, but when it comes to AdSence the theory is not the same. The only reason is there are a number of factors that can affect the AdSense income. This includes ad type, ad placement, AdSense CPC and traffic source.

While making the keyword research don’t forget to check the CPC column. When you choose a higher CPC keyword for the AdSence, it will definitely help you in earning. High CPC ensures more clicks on your ads.

Now let us come to the point on how to increase the income in simple and advanced methods.

Location and Size:

This is considered as one of the most prominent factors that is involved in high and low CTR. You should always try placing the Ads above the fold and around contents. For better results, above the fold is a great location.

You can also make the ad as per your site design.

One of the common things that bloggers ignore is the link based ads. These are a lot different from the banner ads and when optimized properly, they don’t create a bad effect on the CTR. When your prime focus is earning from AdSense ads, you definitely need the AdSense heatmap.

These are some sizes that proves to be great for blogging sites:

  • 160*600
  • 300*250
  • 728*90
  • 336*280

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Organic Traffic:

AdSense will have great performance when search engines are the way to your website. Moreover, the internet based ads will not perform in case you get direct traffic. There are many bloggers around who complains regarding their low CPC and also low AdSense irrespective of thousands of impression every month. This is mainly due to the traffic source. All you need is to start getting traffic from countries like The U.K. and the U. S. A by engaging keywords to get traffic from general search by search engines and get higher CPC.

Search AdSense:

AdSense is a great way of earning along with offers myriad of ways to earn revenue from your website. When there are scopes, then trying is indespensible, right? For me, its a Yes. The Search AdSense not only is a great way of income, but helps with the user navigation as well.

AdSense Section Targeting:

This is actually a contextual ad network which is based primarily on the page content. This includes only the header and the footer section. Therefore the ads that are being shown by means of AdSense needs to be relevant with the content that is there in the page.

This is a quick technique which includes adding two lines of codes after and prior to the content and thereby targeting the ad to your content present.

Text or image Ads:

One of the biggest misconception that people have in their mind is that the image ads proffer much better results. When you are blocking any ad category or ad type, it is actually decreasing the ad competition thereby decreasing the CPM of the ads in your site. This is the reason why I prefer both types.

Ads between the posts:

If you are looking for ways to earn more from AdSense, you can definitely configure the ads as per the page background and the coors. Add images of 468*60 or you can link ads in between the posts.

Also you can add 7 to 10 pictures making sure about offering great user experience to the readers. Don’t make it conjusted and make the page look messy. Try to keep enough space between the contents and ads in order to make sure that you are working as per the AdSense policies.

YouTube AdSense:

If you are into uploading videos or a video publisher to YouTube, you can earn revenue from the copyrighted video by making use of the publisher program. If you do it properly, it is actually rewarding. Again its perfcormance is entirely depending on the traffic that the videos are getting.

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Well, so these are some of the tips for the bloggers who are looking for ways to increase your adsense revenue. These are great as per my personal experience as they worked for me. If you have any other way that was rewarding for you, feel free to share in the comments down below. I will try implementing on my blog.

Hopefully I was able to help you with the information. Like and comment if it was helpful.

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