Monetize your blog with List of Best CPM advertising Networks


Earning revenue from your blog site can be a great thing, right? It actually is a way where your passion becomes productive. So if you have a website that attractive huge number of traffic and are looking for ways to monetize your blog, why not use CPM ads on the footer?

Have you ever thought of it? If no, then start thinking about it.

In this blog I will be compiling top three best CPM ad networks where publishers like can actually join and start earning good revenue.

But before that, let’s go into the basics.

CPM Ads! What Is It?

CPM is the abbreviated form of Cost per Thousand Impressions. These ads are a huge source of income when you have a blog that have high traffic. These advertisement agencies pay as per the number of impressions received on the ad.

CPM = Cost / Total Impressions X 1000

Here impression means the single time when the ad appears on the website. This indirectly means even when the readers are not willing to click the ads with the CPM ads, you will still get paid.

How about it? Sounds great, right?

But to make sure that you get good from your CPM ads, make sure you place them in a proper position.

Well these are very appealing and works best for the blog site that drives over 1000 visitors in a day. If your website has that amount of traffic, then you can earn great from these CPM ads.

Most of the CPM ads pay from $1 to $10 per thousand impressions which obviously depends on various other factors.

So if you find these appealing enough, then keep reading to find the most known CPM advertising programs that can help you to make money from your blog. Technically here you don’t have to put any extra effort, just make sure you keep your contents great to drive traffic.


In 2017, this can be a great mean of earning revenue. One of the greatest ad networks that can help you to earn revenue.

Here you can get ad for all types of screens, which is why it is a popular choice for the webmasters. Moreover, their myriad of payment options makes this PropellerAds an amazing choice for all the bloggers throughout the globe.

Getting started with this is very easy as the account creation is immediate. Post signing up, you require adding the domain and verifying your ownership.Propeller Ads CPM Advertising network


This is the next big CPM/CPC ad network for all type of websites. Even when your website has medium traffic, this can be a great start.

A great thing about this network is the anti-ad blocker technology, which provides the assurance that you are getting paid for the traffic.

Their minimum payout is $50 and like any other ad agencies, they do not charge for transaction fees.  Moreover, they offer huge numbers of payment options that includes Bitcoin and Payoneer.

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Easy to use and modern user interface helps to get started quite easily. Here you can also submit over one website for the approval. With the huge variety of ads they offer, it actually becomes great when your mobile traffic is amazing.

Don’t miss, just go for it.Hill Top Ads CPM Advertising network


Are you looking for standard quality ads from an ad network? Go for AdBuff today. This ad network offers both CPC and CPM ads. But in order to get approval for their ads to be displayed, your website needs to attract good number of traffic which is almost over 2000 visitors in a day.

Their payout structure starts from $100 and also the payment mode includes wire transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal and Payoneer. With their easy to use interface, they make it easy for webmasters to access. Moreover, they have their dedicated iOS and Android apps built for easy accessibility. This is one of those few networks that have their dedicated app in order to let you know about the revenue that you are generating.

As they also offer the CPC ads, one can use both their service in order to earn good revenue.Adbuff CPM Advertising network

Well, so these are the top three best CPM advertising networks for me that can help you to earn from your blog site. If your blog attract good number of traffic, then don’t wait but choose one of these three today.

I hope it was helpful for you. If it was, don’t forget to hit the like and comment if you have better suggestions for me.

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