Humans are in love with themselves and technology has definitely helped us to express our love for ourselves in a much better way. No more like the ancient days, things are about creating monuments, modern day is only about self love. And the only way of self worship can be done with selfies. Smart phones have not only helped to capture the moments easily with the presence of a camera, but with the availability of front camera, clicking our own pictures have become much easier.

Well, this is not the end of what technology has gifted us. Here comes the invention of the android apps for selfies. This means, not only you can take a snap of your own, but you can modify your look with these smart apps.

For some people snapping too much selfie is a mental disorder while for others, it is an art of capturing each and every moment. There are smartphone brands like OPPO, iPhone and various others which claim to take improved selfies, but when you have more than what the stock camera app has to give, you can get the best results.

So let’s find out the top android apps dedicated to serve your selfie needs.

YouCam Perfect:

If you are thinking what might be the reason that made YouCam Perfect stand in the top of the queue then the simple answer is, it is a magic in total. It can be downloaded in Android 4.0 and the latest versions along with its various features of selfie editing, it becomes the best app so far. If you are thinking it is only about adding filters! Then no. This app can do everything like touch up, reshape the face, lighten or darken skin color and numerous other things. 

Since it is necessary to keep looking beautiful these days as looking bad is not a choice at all, this app do it all for you. YouCam Makeup can even do the makeup when you are not wearing any makeup. All you need is to click and edit using its innumerable features. If you are happy, then download it for free from Google Play Store today and go gorgeous every time.

YouCam Perfect android app

Candy Camera:

This is another great selfie app for people who love to capture every time. This app is being equipped with some of the great real time features. You get the chance to app the special effects and observe immediate changes. Well, if you are thinking the limited number of filters they have, then you are definitely wrong, as these app consists of over thousands of filters from where you can choose. 

Although the filters might be many, some of them are actually we needed and felt can do a great job. Again to keep the rank high in the list, Candy Camera has its own editing features. Well, the download is definitely free, but there are some in app purchases. No wonder, it works simply great even without making the purchases. It is great for people who still have old android versions like Android 2.3.3. So if you are from those handful numbers of people, then go for it.

Candy Camera android app

Selfie Camera for Facebook:

After air, water and home, Facebook has become the next big necessity of people. Well, these days people live, breathe, eat, dance, party and do every possible things in Facebook. For people who live their life in Facebook this selfie camera is a need for them. Even when you already look great because of the genes that you fortunately got from your mom and dad, these outside apps with no control on your genes can enhance your looks even in a better way. We know that our expectations have no limit and these apps are definitely fulfilling them.

The effects and frames available in this app can help you to look great. Moreover, this app can help you to share selfies immediately on the social networks. Apart from the selfie time and filters, this app also comes with beautification ability along with tilt effects. No wonders, the quote including features makes it stand out of the crowd.

While there are others, but I believe, these few amazing android apps for selfies have made the market crazy about looking good. This is the reason why these days I only find great looking people roaming in Facebook. Well, if you have not yet tried, go for these apps today and start looking beautiful.

Selfie Camera for Facebook

This was all for today. Don’t forget to like comment and share. Hope you have a great experience using these apps.

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