How to Track Lost Android Phone without any tracking app?


Have you ever lost your Android mobile phone or tablet devoid of a device tracking app installed? Then you definitely need to read this post! This could be your possibility to get your cherished device back home.

You will find a lot of mobile phone recovery or anti-theft software applications on the Google Play Store that is definitely a lifesaver at the time you lose your smart phone or, more stressful, it gets thieved. But a majority of people today might simply realize that there are such applications AFTER it got misplaced or thieved. Then, it usually is too late and you have to face the undesirable truth of the matter that the smart phone is lost for good.

There’s still hope for your smart phone to get it back to you! Here are a few solutions for remote control and then track your smart phone even though you haven’t installed a recovery app before it faded. There’s a simple always easy and a more challenging way for you to search where your smart phone is. If you are not able to track it, there’s a last resort if you have DropBox installed and therefore selected settings activated.

Let’s take a look on the different ways to track lost android phone and get back to its right owner!

1. Track lost Android Phone with Google’s Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a Google’s authorized and easy-to-use software to track your Android smart phone or tablet. The most sensible thing about it is the facility that you don’t require to install an app to allow you to track your Smartphone. The simply requirement is an internet connection and linked your Google mail account to your Android Smartphone, turned on and connected to the internet.

Aside from tracking, permitting your smart phone ring and wiping your smart phone (which has to be activated manually), Android Device Manager doesn’t offer you even more selections to remote control your smart phone. I hope , Google works out on that and offer you much more features and attributes , as an example taking shots in case it got thieved and you want to know more about who stole it .

If it happens that there’s no laptop or pc around when you lose your device, you should also able to benefit from someone else’s Android smart phone to track it. Rather than using the smart phone browser, you can as well as make use of the Android Device Manager app.

You can sign in using the guest mode along with your Google account credentials. Now you should be capable of track your lost device, let it ring or wipe its some information.

Track Lost Android Phone

If you are not able to track lost Android Phone this way only due to the reasons below:

  • Your Smartphone is just not connected to the internet or switched off. At that moment, simply just always keep trying to track it until it (with any luck) connects to Google’s accounts once again.
  • In the second scenario, it’s possible that Google account associates with your Smartphone has disconnected by the thief. If that the situation, neither of them Android Device Manager nor other kinds of tracking software will be able to try and find the Smartphone, since it’s important to be logged into your Google Account.

2. Use Dropbox to track lost Android Phone (Android & iOS)

Dropbox is also help to track lost android phone. Dropbox should also be installed on your smart phone and the “Camera Upload” function must be switched on. Applying this method, each and every time your phone’s thief normally takes an image; it instantaneously gets uploaded to your Dropbox “Camera Uploads” folder. So, in the event he or she normally takes a pleasing selfie you might be competent to identify the thief. In case you’re one of the lucky ones, you possibly can make out the specific location by looking at the background of the uploaded shots.

Track lost android phone

Hopefully you are looking through this post just out of real curiosity and not the fact that you lost your smart phone! However if that’s really the circumstance, I truly hope that this piece of writing will benefit you track it down .After that if you want to install tracking app without take any chance to vanish your Smartphone. Then I will recommend using Cerberus, you can easily find this application in Google Play Store.

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