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Passwords are splendid ache in our online way of life. If Any time you make a password that’s easy, it isn’t secured. If Any time you make a password that’s secured(Containing special character, upper case letter, Lower case letter, Numeric Digit etc.), you’ll hardly ever remember it . Aside from that , you actually need to produce a unique password for each and every account and also Web sites in case if a hacker gets hold of any one of them . With regular data breaches of millions of usernames as well as passwords coming to pass at major corporations just like Target and Michaels , it’s a terrifically real worry .

Now we come with a new application called PasswordBox, which manage your password securely and help to make it Hackproof also.PasswordBox is a cutting edge totally free Password manager that gets rid of the headache of logging into all of your browsers, software applications, as well as devices, with its patent-pending 1-Tap and the 1-Click sign in. We’re on a campaign to rid people today of passwords to make the adoption of modern authentication as easy and even flawless as possible. PasswordBox is the simple integration-free product to connect the gap between passwords, biometrics, as well as the upcoming day online authentication technological innovation.

PasswordBox is the most trusted and secure Password Manager with over 10millions downloads. PassowrdBox is available for Desktop as a extension(Chrome,IE and MOzilla), Android Play Store and Iphone App store.You can download PasswordBox after Visiting this LINK.

It’s Security Features:-

1. Local Encryption:-

We employ AES-256 encryption , the most effective available on the market , apart from having all of our code examined by external industry experts . We encrypt all your passwords on your own home pc or simply mobile device , as a result readable passwords are not sent via the internet , certainly not to our very own servers .

2. Master/Control Password:-

Your personal Master/Control Password is the essential key that encrypts as well as decrypts your data. Your Master/Control Password permits you to having access to all of the important information you have added to your PasswordBox . We Ensure that you don’t ever lose or forget your Master/Control Password , due to the fact that PasswordBox will not be able to reset it for you.

3. Password Generator:-

PasswordBox helps it to be easy so that you simply add extra layers of protection by means of a different , top-quality password for all of your online accounts having no extra effort and time on your side .

4. PCI Compliant Data Center:-

Our servers are located in a secure and safe data center, shielded by enterprise-class firewalls along with other enhanced security systems. Having in mind that the security measure of our networks is regularly scanned.

5. Secure Sharing:-

Your data is encrypted on your device, and decrypted on the device of the person you’ve shared with. Your data remains encrypted throughout the transfer process. Only you and the person you’ve shared your info with can encrypt and decrypt the info. This is all done without sharing your Master Password (or the encryption key derived from it) with the other person.

The technical details behind this are that when you create your PasswordBox account, in addition to choosing your Master Password and deriving an encryption key from it, PasswordBox also generates a 2048 bit RSA public/private key pair for you.

6. Secured SSL:-

Although your passwords never leave your computer or mobile device without first being securely encrypted with your Master Password, any and all communications between your devices and PasswordBox servers occur on secure SSL connections for further protection. This includes the back-up of your encrypted data before synchronization between devices.

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