How to Speeding up Your Website Load time.


One of the most important part of Search engine Optimization is to speeding up your website Load time. According to Google a website with minimum load time will get higher PR (Page Rank) Preference in Search result than a slow loading website.

Speeding up your website load time also helps in reducing your website visitor Bounce rate, which in turn will increase conversion rate for your website.

So, the question that still comes to your the mind is, How to Minimize Your Website Load time?.  

The following tips will help you to minimize your website load time:

1. Determine your website load time

First you need to determine your website loading time. As per Google it should be below 2 seconds. To determine your website load time, you can use the following website loading tools like –, and my favourite Google’s –

2. Selecting the right Hosting environment

The more traffic your site receives, the greater the need for increased server bandwidth to your website. It’s very important to select the right web hosting provider to host your website depending on the requirement. In general as a customer you always should look for Bandwidth provided, whether you are getting unlimited disk space, Is Linux or windows hosting services is being offered. The reason behind unlimited bandwidth is, whether your website can take traffic pressure and for unlimited space is whether you can easily increase your website size.

3. Correct Image size and using .PNG image

When you are uploading an image to your website, you need to be sure about the format and the size of that image type. The images used on any website takes up lot of page size and will eventually affect the loading time. You need to use images in PNG format rather than GIF, JPEG or any other, as PNG images are compressed images and they do not break, when installing on a page.   

4. Use of CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Why you need to use a content delivery network is simple. CDN helps a lot by reducing your website loading time, using different servers located across the globe to download resources. . There are multiple servers used across the globe to display any contents on your website. So, for example if one of your visitor or user wants to view an image on your website and they are based in India. CDN will find the nearest server to display that image.


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