Samsung anti-theft Smartphone feature’s.


The world’s largest phone maker Samsung electronics will add two safeguard (Find My Mobile and Reactivation Lock) to its latest Smartphone Samsung Galaxy 5S. These Samsung anti-theft Smartphone feature will not only help the company to especially safeguard and discourage theft, at the same time protect it too. Whereas both the features individually to safeguard are already available with Samsung galaxy S4 (Find My Mobile) and Samsung galaxy Note S3 (Reactivation Lock) Smartphone. The best part about these “Samsung anti-theft Smartphone feature” is that they are free and very easy to setup.

What exactly this Samsung anti-theft Smartphone feature’s do?

Find My Mobile:


  • Locate my mobile – Locate my mobile as it says will track your mobile device and provide you with the location detail. It will not give you detailed information, but still with their map app, you can zoom into the location.
  • Lock my mobile – If your mobile is stolen then the first thing that will come to your mind is how to safeguard your stored data. This app will lock your mobile, so no data is stolen or viewed by someone else.
  • Ring my mobile – You can ring your phone to locate it
  • Call / Message forwarding – You can forward your calls or messaging
  • Call logs – Complete call history can be locked
  • Wipe my mobile – This wipe the complete data stored in your handset.
  • Unlock my screen – As it says this feature will unlock the screen.

Reactivation Lock:

Reactivation lock in simple words prevents unsolicited attempts to reset phone to factory settings. So, if someone tries to reset your Smartphone, it will then ask for Samsung account password to proceed with request to reset. If factory reset is done via the Android recovery service then reactivation lock is triggered, even though if the reset is successful, the phone setup boot will detect an abnormal factory reset. Now, this will trigger Samsung account login details. The details required here are the one which were used prior to the reset. When incorrect details are entered , the phone will be stuck at the same screen.

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