How to Remove Junk Files and Clean Your System?


Overtime, on your windows PC hard drive, various junk files get accumulated, you need to clean your system to enhance its performance. These junk files are basically temp files, cached thumbnails, program set up files and others. They hamper the performance of your PC a lot as you will notice your computer to be slow and it crashes more often. These files are generated every time you start your computer; browse a website, save files, download files and when you create a new file. There is another problem that you will face with these files and that is reduction in your hard drive space. That is why it’s advisable to clean your system daily. But, it’s not easy for you to search for these files manually on your PC and then clean them one by one.

To resolve this issue, you can use one of the various disks cleaning software. We came across one such software known as GiliSoft Disk Cleaner. First of all it is available for free & through it, you will be able to clean all junk files present on your computer quickly & easily. It works on Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

 Important Information – While installing GiliSoft Disk Cleaner, you might get a message to download an adware. Please uncheck the option and click on next.

How to clean your System using GiliSoft Disk Cleaner?

  • Download and Install GilliSoft Disk Cleaner on your Personal Computer.
  • The application file comes with three tabs and they are: Disk Cleaner, Disk Analyzer & More products.

clean your system

  • Select the Disk Cleaner tab to clean your computer disks.
  • After the Installation is completed, you will be asked by the application to choose the Hard Disks (it will display all connected hard disks) for Scanning.
  • Select all displayed hard disks and click on Scan.
  • Once the Scan is completed, it will display to you temp files, log files and other junk files found on the Hard Disks.
  • All you need to do now is to select the files for deletions and click on the clean button.
  • That’s done. Your computer is now clean of Junk files.

What does the Disk Analyzer tab do?

The Disk Analyzer tab separately analyze each hard drive on your computer, to give you a clear picture of amount of space consumed by different files like image files, audio files, video files and others. 

In the end I would like to say that GiliSoft Disk Cleaner is good and efficient software, which can be used according to your requirement. If you only want to clean your computer disk then you need to select the Disk Cleaner tab. For those who would like to check what files are consuming spaces on your drive, they can then select the Disk Analyzer drive. It does its job swiftly with minimum CPU usage at all times. For Direct download Gilisoft Disk Cleaner to clean your system visiting its official website by clicking on this link:

I hope this post is helpful and informative. If in case I have missed out on anything related to this topic then please leave your valuable comment.

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  1. Korjam cleaner is my best option when it comes to cleaning my PC junk and crap. I always recommend it to my friends and family.

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