How to Remove Duplicate Files in your Windows 7, 8, XP

Remove Duplicate files

If you are losing out of disk space then it’s always advisable, to remove duplicates files from your personal computer. Deleting duplicate file rather than a large file will always increase your computers disk space. We humans tend to forget as a result, we download the same application twice or thrice causing it to duplicate. But, searching for duplicate files on your system is not an easy task and it can take several hours. In order to solve this issue, you can download Apps on your windows PC, which can search and delete those files in no time. We have listed below few Apps, which we consider good, efficient and have a simple user interface to remove duplicate files for your system. They are all free to download and are compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Duplicate File Finder

Remove Duplicate Files

As the name state, this application finds and removes duplicate files. Duplicate finder supports unlimited number of files, folder and drives. It will find for you duplicate mp3 songs, photos, spreadsheets, documents and many more.

Duplicate Cleaner

Remove Duplicate Files

This is another great application that removes duplicate files. It’s a free tool that assists you to clean the contents of your personal hard drive or network. It scans your hard drive for unnecessary files with different search pattern like filename, content and size. It allows you to search for music, photos, videos, word docs, text file and power point presentation.


Remove Duplicate FilesAnti-Twin is a very simple tool to delete duplicated files. It has a very simple user interface, which allows you to select two folders in order for it to scan for duplicate files.


Remove Duplicate Files

CloneSpy is another amazing clean up tool, which comes with a single screen interface. It gives you the option to choose multiple folders that need to be scanned. It also provides you with different search filters like same content, same file name or both.

Fast Duplicate Finder

Remove Duplicate Files

This tool can find duplicate, old & small files very fast from any specific folder. It allows you to scan files on your personal computer or a Network. It uses auto check algorithm, which means you can uncheck some files to get auto checked as per your requirement.

Exact Duplicate Finder

Remove Duplicate Files

It has a very simple user interface and uses Byte-by-Byte strategy to find duplicate files on your personal computer. It excludes system files and folder while performing it scan.

Double Killer

Remove Duplicate Files

It can scan for duplicate files on multiple directories by its name, size, content and date. After it has completed the scan, it displays the list of scanned files. You need to only choose the files that you want to delete. Double Killer does not require installation as you can extract and run it straight away. It comes in both paid and free version. The paid version is for commercial use.

In the end I would like to say that among all the above listed apps for removing duplicate files on your computer, duplicate cleaner is the most downloaded application and the most reviewed one. It’s highly recommended by big software review websites. I hope the above information covers your entire requirement. Thanks for reading and please do leave your comment if you find this post interesting.

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