7 Best windows 8 apps for Microsoft Windows users


Windows 8 comes with a lot of new features and one of them is a whole new world for Apps. With it every PC user gets a full screen, touch friendly and web connected apps to explore. Through the Windows store you can download the apps that suites your requirement. But, a good choice of App is necessary for anyone as Apps help you to do your task easily. They also maintain your systems performance and integrity. Therefore we have listed below in this post the  7 best windows 8 apps for Microsoft Windows user.


Best Windows 8 apps

This app is nearest thing to Instagram for windows. It is completely free and has lots of powerful photo editing tools. Fotoroom comes with very effective filter effects and also has an active photo sharing community. It runs on x86 and ARM-based Windows 8 PC & Tablets. Since the controls are all touchable, it makes more sense to use it on a Tablet. For using this app, you do not need to register. But, for using its community, you need to create an account. Fotoroom does not come with any camera features. Instead you have to capture photo using windows 8 camera app and then open it on Fotoroom.


Best windows 8 apps

The biggest name in e-book right now is Amazon Kindle and with Windows 8 Kindle App. Now you can read books on your Windows tablet. It comes with a very simple user interface. On the left hand side of this app is your books that you have downloaded, which you can read by tapping the selected book and then swiping your fingers from top to bottom. On the right hand side of this app is the Kindle store. You can also customize this App by going into the view option.


Best Windows 8 apps

It’s a Note taking app which has been developed by Microsoft and is designed to be used on touch enable devices. The app is free for download and is not designed for desktop user. It comes with a simple, intuitive interface and comes with Radial Menu. With the use of Radial Menu, the task editing and formatting is much easier on touch, which earlier was double tap.  


Best Windows 8 apps

It’s another reading app for windows 8 tablet, similar to kindle. It has somewhat the same user interface like kindle (only difference is the back ground colour). On the left hand side of app screen you have your books that you have downloaded and two read anyone of those, you need to select it and swipe your fingers from top to bottom. On the right hand side is the store, with a bunch of categories like Books, Magazine, Newspaper, Kids and Comics.


Best windows 8 apps

It’s a cloud based service and cross platform set of apps for taking notes, organising and storing them. You can store as many electronic docs you want using this app. You can store type notes, handwritten notes, photos, document scan, and audio clip and just about anything. You can also organize all these notes into notebook with individual categories.

Sketchbook Express:

Best windows 8 apps

It is a free drawing app and is designed for effortless sketching and drawing. It works well with drawing tablets & touch enabled screens. Its main menu allows you to access a brief tutorial, which is must before you start using this app. Through the main menu you can also import and edit images, view or edit sketches and create a new sketch.


Best windows 8 apps

Audible is an app that reads your best seller, while you are doing something else. This app is available for free. You need to create an account with audible, if you want to use this app. Through this app you can also purchase a new audible e-book.

I hope, the information provided to you about these app gives you a clear picture in what way these best windows 8 apps can help you. If in case I have missed out of any information, then please leave a comment. Please do share with us whether you liked this post through your comments.  

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