How To Promote Or Monetize Your Blog Using Affiliate Products?

How To Promote Or Monetize Your Blog Using Affiliate Products

So, you just started a blog? Or, are you blogging since quite some time now? You must have recently heard about affiliate products. It is the right time to start gaining income from your blog, through affiliate marketing.If you have already taken the decision to earn through your blog, read on. Today, this is the primary source of income for numerous blog owners. Learn About a few amazing techniques to make money from your blog.

Various brands are depending on these channels to promote their products. They collaborate with affiliates to promote affiliate products.You can now leverage the power of influencers. Tap into various genres of audience through this marketing channel.

How To Monetize Your Blog?

Start With Review Posts

You can start with this and gain an income. You can share your experiences about the products, by writing reviews about them. You are also promoting the products using an affiliation link. You can jot down the description, key features, pros and cons. Moreover, you can let others know, how the good the product is. Online shoppers read product reviews before zeroing on any purchase.

If you want to write super reviews, follow certain pointers, like:

  • Share honest reviews and share them.
  • You should weigh both the positives and the negative.Do not be dishonest, as you will lose customers in the long run.
  • Add star ratings. It appears in Google and helps to increase CTR.
How-To Posts

This is another great way to promote products on blog and earn through it. Apart from just promoting products, this is a good way to present a solution to the problem. It is just like stating ‘How to clean utensils?’ You can write down the process and mention the brand in the end of the post. Do post a link of the product thereafter. Your readers will definitely turn into customers by purchasing the product.

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Create A Deal Section On Your Blog

You can showcase a deal section where you can display the products from a certain niche. It is one of the most interactive pages of your blog, through which you can generate sales. Check out for some deal pages on ShoutMeLoud and WPBeginners.

Create Resource Page

If blog monetization using affiliate product is what you are after, this is going to be important. People visit the page,the greatest number of times. You can mention all your tools on the Resource page. The various tools include web hosts, themes, plugins, SEO tools and many more.

Add Links On Blog Posts

If you want to earn through blog posts, this is one of the ways to do it. You should add affiliate links, where you need them. Do, not just stuff them throughout your blog. When, you are writing about any product on your blog, you should add the affiliate link.

Comparisons Posts Help

You can also add comparison posts on your blog. Today, people check out two to three products after much searching. Then, they buy one. If you give a table of comparisons of the products from your niche, your reader can decide upon the best. In case of electronics goods, this practice is more frequent. Reach out with these, for blog monetization using affiliate products.

Banners Are Another Great Way

Your Affiliate program will help you create appealing promotional banners, links as well as widgets. You can place them on sections, where they will not be missed. Such places include the sidebars, headers, and footers. You should refrain from placing too many ads on your blogs. That way, you look like a spammer. Find out the needs of your niche product. And, place ads for only those products.

So, by now you have understood that affiliate marketing does have the potential to generate sales. That is the reason, most brands depend on this to generate sales.

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Choosing The Right Brand

So, you already came to know of the various ways, to monetize your blog. However, there is one primary requirement. You missed that. You need to collaborate with a great brand. Moreover, you should yourself trust that brand. The only way to leverage from this, is to sample their products. You can ask for free samples, when you enter into an agreement with a certain brand.

Moreover, if you are a blog owner and looking forward to affiliate marketing, them do the following.

  • You should build a good relationship with your audience.
  • Then, only the audience will have trust on you and the brand you are promoting.
  • Have a good following, get engagements, views and expand audience.

All of this is important, as you don’t want to end up looking like a fool, when you approach a brand for affiliate marketing. You need to convince them that you have a good reach, and organic audience who read your posts daily. So, the whole process does not go in vain.

So, you can start to promote now and facilitate blog monetization using affiliate products.

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