3 New Instagram Shopping Tools For Marketers To Boost Sales

Instagram Shopping tools

Today, the online marketing realm has taken the business world by storm. More so, for the small businesses for whom big spends is off bounds. Social media is one of the best channels today, through which small business owners are reaching out to people. Social media forms an important part of the digital marketing strategy today.Though small businesses are frequently using Instagram, big ones are also not far behind. Instagram is as important for most businesses, as other marketing channels.

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Today, a large chunk of millennialsis constantly on Instagram, along with the Gen Z. So, it becomes the perfect platform to capture all the attention. Instagram marketing is indeed a smart way to market your products and services. Almost 90 percent people on Instagram follow at least one single business page. It is a an extremely well-defined space to reach out and interact with prospects, however, they may not become your consumer.

If you were following Instagram closely, you would know that initially the app allowed links in profile bios. Thereafter, the company allowed users to apply the links on stories as well. However, there was a catch. You need to have 10,000 followers. Small brands had to think out of the box, to take leverage of the situation. But now things are different.

With the launch of Instagram’s Shopping’s Shoppable pots in 2017, wherein one could link normal posts to the Facebook product page. However, users still had to leave the Instagram page to buy products. However, recently many new changes came up with the launch of Facebook Shops, Instagram Checkout, and Instagram Live Shopping. Today, you will learn about the three free tools that takes your online marketing efforts to another level altogether.

New Instagram Shopping Tools To Boost Sales

  • Facebook Shops was launched by Facebook, which owns Instagram. However, your Instagram users do not need a Facebook account to purchase the products. Facebook Shop launched in May connects users from Instagram platform to link to other social media like Facebook, other than WhatsApp. Now, you can create your shop online on the social media channel and followers can buy directly, or through a redirection to online sites. Instagram Shopping tools makes life easier. You can easily create Facebook Shop on Facebook Commerce Manager. You just need to have admin rights to the page apart from the brand’s Facebook catalog. After you create the shop, you can directly link it to the Instagram Business.

This is a great option for all small and medium-sized businesses. If you are unable to start your dedicated eCommerce portal, this can be an alternative option today.

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  • Instagram Checkout is also doing quite well today. If you don’t have the time and the resources to create websites or a Facebook Business page, can make use of the in-app Checkout that links to Instagram Shoppable posts. Previously, many brands did have the Shoppable posts advantage. However, very recently Instagram launched its Checkout feature. So, now followers and users can directly shop on the app. Now, you can build awareness through Instagram Shopping for your products and also make consumers purchase then and there.

When users click on the Shoppable posts that links to Check out feature, they need to give in their names, billing address, shipping address and then click ‘Place Order.’ The app also remembers purchase information, so that is an added advantage. Though, apparently Facebook Shops and Instagram Checkout looks similar, you need to know the difference. On Facebook Shop, you can access the small in-shop.Whereas, on Instagram Checkout, you can purchase all that you see on Instagram. Checkout is a great option for your brand, if you want to utilize internet sales.

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  • Instagram Live Shopping is also creating news today. You can watch live content being streamed on the app. Instagram influencers display a live CTA at the bottom of the screen with this function. An, Instagram live viewer can directly, add the product to the shopping bag. And, make the purchase immediately or later. Brands that are looking towards viability, through this mode need to have access to Instagram Checkout to get this feature.

All said and done, all small and medium businesses are taking leverage of the current scenario with such shopping tools. However, you need to keep certain things in mind, before going ahead. You have to strategize your content in a such a manner, so as to attract the right kind of audience and buyers.

If your content does not stand out amongst numerous other ads, users will skip yours and land somewhere else. So, that is a hindrance in your path. Live streaming can gather a lot of results in a short while. Get influencers on board to advertise, as only images and videos will not help. Monitor your performance metrics and pick the right Instagram marketing tool for your company.

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