How To Improve Engagement Using Organic LinkedIn Marketing Techniques?

Organic LinkedIn Marketing Techniques

If you want to increase engagement using organic LinkedIn marketing techniques, you have got to read this. You may have heard about LinkedIn stories and Lives! Well, do they work? You have to read on to know more.

The top officials handling LinkedIn marketing have good things to say. Today, you are going to learn, what kind of content works best in LinkedIn feed. Now, take leverage of the platform to gain organic followers. LinkedIn is quite important to marketers today. It is all about user intent. Most people use LinkedIn and FaceBook today to meet old friends and re-connect. People love to connect and grow on LinkedIn. In view of the pandemic, people are connecting with each other over LinkedIn. You will be amazed to know that over 700 million people are on LinkedIn today. You can also combine YouTube with LinkedIn to soar higher. Organic LinkedIn Marketing comes into the picture here.

Know How LinkedIn Has Changed Today

There have been some cultural and technical shifts on LinkedIn. Get more from Organic LinkedIn Marketing today.

  • Some people are moving to personal content. Instead of mentioning about the awards that they have won, or the promotions at work. People are now discussing about the challenges they face at work. Most grumble over issues, pertaining to how their supervisors force them to work late from home. Many people are using the story-telling formulae today.
  • The shift has led to a creation of groupism. People with the same mindset are coming together. Many people are dealing with such issues today. Now, people are missing out on the daily connection. That is having a far-reaching impact on the psyche.
  • Most of you would have noticed another change. That is in the way how; people are changing their LinkedIn network. People are connecting today, to find out more opportunities for business. LinkedIn Engagement metrics have changed today. Earlier, the scenario was completely different.
  • Today, you will notice a more casual approach on LinkedIn. People are using content that is more suitable for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and FaceBook. People are using similar videos to talk about their aspirations.
  • Finally, people have shifted the way hashtags are used today. Earlier, people used to post content that reflected the content type. However, now most people are using them to hit the target market. Using a combination can greatly improve visibility today.

LinkedIn Stories

You can access the Stories feature on mobiles only. LinkedIn Engagement is important. Moreover, this feature is available on personal profile and company pages. It is not so strong, a feature as on other platforms today. You need to understand that, it is not visible on desktop. Only mobile users can find this feature handy. You can keep them upto 20 seconds long and they can stay upto 24 hours.

Your connection’s stories will show up on the Home screen of the mobile, jus next to your profile photo. To create yours, you can record a video or get one through LinkedIn app. Upload videos from your phone camera or camera roll.

There are filters and text selection options as well. That makes it more interesting, just like Instagram. You can download your stories from Instagram and use them on LinkedIn.

You have got to remember certain things while creating these stories. Remember to match their intent with the people reading them. Most people do not have much time in hand. They just want to read something, or learn something new in a short time. You can also use apps like Story Splitter to create such short stories today. Now, Organic LinkedIn Marketing can take your service several notches higher.

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What Should You Post About?

Now, you can brilliantly achieve organic marketing goals, through these strategies. You can actually break the ice with people. Stop trying to sell your service, directly. Learning about your personal goals in life, point towards the eagerness to connect. Most people want a mental match. Your connections can respond directly to your LinkedIn stories. You have to keep this in mind, if you have a small network but large following. If you happen to mention a connection on your story, your connection will get a notification.

You can gain a competitive edge over others, with LinkedIn marketing.

  • You can now stay on top, with your connections. You are at the top of others feed, the moment you post a story. Even if someone, does not watch your story, they can see your face.
  • You can also reach new audience. Most people like pictures, stories, videos, and audios as well. Some prefer long-form content and some prefer short ones. Now, utilize LinkedIn stories to target those who like short-form.

LinkedIn Polls And Questionnaires

You can access LinkedIn polls via profiles, company pages, and events. These allow you to give multiple responses. You can now use these tools to create engagement. People would love to share their opinions today. If you are running a company, and need content ideas, do get in touch with this feature to collect ideas.

Engage your audience, with more open-ended questions today. People also entertain recommendations today. You can now spread your organic marketing reach with questions. Asking your prospects some questions is a great way to break ice. So, you have to do it, for the sake of Organic LinkedIn Marketing.

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LinkedIn Live Pages

Start using this feature today. In fact, most people are doing it. It is available for use on company as well as personal pages today. However, you should have a two-factor authentication activated on your profile. LinkedIn assesses your page’s video and content creation history to approve this. You should have already engaged few hundred followers. Brand new pages usually do not get approval.

Once you receive the approval, use a third-party tool such as Socialive, Switcher, or Restream to broadcast videos and content via LinkedIn Live. You should have a dedicated person to manage the broadcast, community comments, and the engagement.

Today, LinkedIn live is working extremely well. Most companies are able to generate more than 600,000 organic views. You can take a variety of approaches. The end result will surely be fruitful.

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