How open source continues to eat the software world?

open source continues to eat the software world

According to Wikipedia an Open Source Software is a program with its code made available and licensed with the right to study and work on it. Since, Open-source software is very often developed in a collaborative manner; it is generally free for users and often updated.

It’s known that an open source is the best as it is always free, but it’s also continues to eat the software world. How open source continues to eat the software world? Is one of the simplest questions to answer?

The following are the answers to the question:

1. Try it, before you use it:

The first thing that is displayed when you download an open source software, “continues to eat your software world” is it is free. It will always allow you to download a trial version or work for a certain time frame. For example like 30 days. There are Software’s which will allow a thirty days time, but they will stop working after their designated date. An Open Source Software will still work after the time frame. They will certainly never give you complete access to the service, but will provide with important features.

With the features being provided it doesn’t mean that you should go for open source software. And that your business would necessarily benefit by using open source software for everything. But with the benefits it still holds.

2. Nil Cost:

When software is purchased, it always comes with an excessive cost as they will add the cost of antivirus. Software support and new updates. They will also charge the licence fee and the lock in period to use it. When you use an Open Source software these charges will never get associated. You only need to unchecked these, while you are installing the software. I will say when you buy a software they will get the best, but later on you might realize that a premium software takes more out of your business.

3. Best support:

Since, they need to prove, that their software is better. They will always provide the best of service possible. Since it’s an open source software, the support provided to you is through vibrant communities. For businesses, you will always want an extra assurance. The paid extra and individual support options on most open source packages are now being provided. The service cost is still far below and it is prompt. The resolution provided is always satisfactory.

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