How You Will Find Influencers In Your Industry Online?

Find Influencers in Your Industry

Especially in the younger generation (but not only there!), they are often more popular than “traditional” stars: influencers, people who present their opinions and products through their blogs and social media channels.

For companies who would like to cooperate with these “opinion makers”, the question quickly arises: “How do I find influencers in my industry?”

Before you even go to the Influencer search, it should be clear which goals should be pursued with the campaign, which topics are important and who the target group is. Only then can you find the right partners.

Goals for an influencer campaign can include branding, search engine optimization, sales or building trust among the target audience.

Also, the budget should be considered: Only a few influencers can still convince themselves today with gifts or invitations alone.

Which possibilities for the search are there?

If you are clear about these issues, you can start the search: it can be done through automated tools and databases, but also directly on the networks themselves.

This starts with a simple keyword search in the search engines or respective social channels. Even in the already existing corporate network can be searched for influencers, because both journalists and customers or colleagues may already know matching blogs and channels.

Here it is important to keep an eye on the social networks. So you can also join in matching Facebook groups or by a blogger on his “blog roll”, the recommendation list, to come across more.

Also a look at possibly existing influencer campaigns of the competition can provide suggestions. Further sources of research include specialized forums as well as professional networks such as Xing and LinkedIn.

Some bloggers and youtubers are now represented by agencies specializing in them, so a request would also be possible through them.

Another option is blogger events or conferences, which are now taking place in large cities and especially for the different subject areas. The advantage here is the direct personal contact with the influencers.

Special Influencers for special topics

Companies should think outside the box: Even if there is not a subject-specific blog or Youtube channel for every topic, suitable influencers can still be found. This is where the clear definition of the target group helps.

For example, young men can be approached via influencers from the gaming sector; for household products, one could request parent blogs.

For companies that operate only in a specific region, it is particularly worthwhile to look for influencers from their vicinity.

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The right influencer for the respective platform

In addition, there are differences between the influencers: While on Instagram above all “glossy” counts and the portal is thus particularly interesting for lifestyle topics such as fashion or travel, Youtuber often report much closer to your everyday life or answer personal questions of their viewers.

The age structure of the target group can also play a role: while, for example, Snapchat attracts young people in particular, all age groups are now represented among Facebook users.

The candidates found by the first search should be judged from different qualitative and quantitative points of view. These include:

Qualitative points:

  • Are texts / photos / videos, etc. of high quality and attractively designed?
  • Do the previous content match the brand / company?
  • Would it be credible that the influencer is enthusiastic about the product?
  • Which other brands have already been presented?
  • Which price idea does the influencer have?


Quantitative points:

  • What is the range of the channels?
  • How many channels does the influencer use? Should everyone be involved in the campaign?
  • How is the communication with the target group going? How often are content shared, commented, etc.?
  • How often and how regularly does the influencer publish contributions?

Relevant information can usually be found in a MediaKit. The influencers either provide this for download or send it on request.

Conclusion: quality over quantity

Especially for the qualitative consideration one should take enough time and really “get to know” the influencers of interest to the company.

The following applies: class before mass. The top priority should be that the product fits the influencer and vice versa. Although a long range may seem convincing at first glance, it does not help much if the target group is not at all interested in the product / topic. Here it is important to avoid scattering losses. At the same time, the costs of cooperation are often lower for niche topics.

Even if a good search for influencers is therefore associated with some effort, it is worthwhile, if at the end of a mutually rewarding and authentic cooperation stands for both sides.

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