9 Tips to Setup for a More Professional Facebook Page

Professional Facebook Page

[dropcap style=”dropcap1″]D[/dropcap]uring my time as a social media manager, I have analyzed many Facebook pages. Striking: Especially the Facebook pages of small and medium-sized companies often have the same, simple mistakes. This is not even about the content of the site itself, but really the simplest things that are responsible for the first impression. Of course, Content King is, but it does not hurt to set your own page to make a professional impression. How you can do it in a short amount of time you will learn in our blog article about professional Facebook page tips.

Uses a decent profile picture

The profile picture is the figurehead of the Facebook page. Make sure it looks reasonable too. Ideal here is a company logo. Since the logo in the postings is now no longer square but roundish, it is recommended to choose a logo that looks even in a round shape still good. What is also like to do, but should be better avoided, is to use a photo of the entire team as a profile picture. Depending on the size of the team you cannot recognize the picture on your smartphone. Instead use the title picture.facebook cover and profile page example

The cover picture has to look good on the PC and on the smartphone

By far the most common mistake that even some large companies make is setting the title image on the computer, adjusting it properly, and then not checking it again on the phone.

On the PC, the cover image is displayed with 820 × 312 pixels, but on the smartphone with 640 × 360 pixels. As a result, the title images on the PC and mobile never look the same. Facebook currently has 2.34 billion users, 90% of whom open the page via their smartphone. In January 2017, there were even 1.2 billion users who used Facebook exclusively on the smartphone. So it’s imperative that the cover picture looks good not only on the computer, but above all on the phone. Pay attention, if you set the cover picture on the computer, best to leave space left and right, so no text, logos or people to place, then there should be no problems here.

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Fill in the Facebook page info completelyFacebook Full Info Page

The more complete the Facebook profile is filled out, the more professional the page will look and the more useful the profile will be to your customers. If it is a local business, be sure to include the opening hours and the parking situation. If you can also contact us by phone or email, this information should not be missing, etc.

Be sure to include the imprint

Another mistake that is often made is not to include the imprint. But you should definitely do this, otherwise you are in danger of being warned! Click on your Facebook page in the tabs on the left side on Info and then fill out the imprint column. Since no imprint column was provided by Facebook in the past, some old Facebook pages still use external tools that create an additional imprint tab. Please pay attention here: Many are not mobile and even on the PC now not all tools work. Be sure to fill out the imprint column below the info.

Manages the tabs on the leftfacebook tabs 1

The tabs on the left side of the Facebook page can also be managed. Simply go to Settings and then edit on page. It is recommended to remove unused tabs and drag and drop existing tabs into a meaningful order.

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Sets up an automatic reply in the messagesAuto Respone on facebook

I have often experienced that I have taken Facebook pages into the care and had to find that many requests were sent to the site, but these have not been or very late answered.

If you cannot look into the Facebook page regularly, the automatic answer should be activated. Simply click on the page and go to the settings, then left on News. There you can activate the answer assistant.

Use this to ask the sender of the message to contact you in case of urgency by email or phone.

Responds to reviewsFacebook Reviews

Not answering a private message is one thing. Here one loses in the worst case a customer. However, not answering a negative rating can cost many customers. It is therefore important to respond to criticism. If the criticism is justified, one should apologize for his misconduct and try to find a solution in the interest of the customer.

If the criticism is completely out of place or even a fake rating, one should also use the opportunity to make this clear.

Important: Responds not only to criticism, but also to praise! It is far from normal to write positive feedback in this day and age. Most people only get in touch when something is wrong. Reward this effort with a like and short comment.

This brings in the long run also another advantage: Facebook show in the preview is not always the latest ratings on the FB page, but of the utmost importance. The importance is determined by the comments, likes and actuality.

If you get negative reviews, it would be annoying if they are displayed in the preview of the Facebook page.

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Create a user name

If you create a new Facebook page, you can usually specify a username, because you get the function only with 25 fans unlocked. Unfortunately, this causes some sites to forget to set the name later. But you should definitely do that because it gives you a much nicer Facebook URL and makes the site look much more serious.

In addition, it would be annoying if someone else snaps the desired name. To create the username, simply go to the Facebook page, click on Info on the left side of the tabs and then click on Edit username.

Have your Facebook page verifiedfacebook verified badge

If your Facebook page has not yet been verified, you should definitely catch up, because the site not only looks much more serious, but also appears on Facebook searches on top!

Here’s a quick guide to applying:

Go to your Facebook page> Settings> General> Page confirmation> Confirms this page. Then, if possible, choose the variant of the call and Facebook calls back to the specified number belonging to the company and give a code.

Please enter this on the website and the verification is done. If everything works fine, you’ll get a gray check mark next to the Facebook page name.

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