10 Steps to Take Advantage of Podcast Marketing for businesses.

Podcast marketing for business

[dropcap style=”dropcap1″]O[/dropcap]nline marketing is a broad field. Search engine optimization or social media are now standard. But there are many more ways to strengthen your business and attract new customers. These include, for example, podcasts. These are not only trendy, but above all sustainable and promising for your company.

So off to the studio, micro in the hand and off you go. Because podcasts offer you numerous advantages!

Advantage 1- Manageable Costs

Compared to video productions, podcasts are much easier and, above all, less time-consuming to create.

What you need?

Only a quiet environment, a good micro or recording device, an editing program and of course an interesting topic. Already it can start. If you want, you can set up a small studio, organize a professional speaker and regularly invite interviewees.

Ideally, create an editorial plan to ensure the regularity of your episodes. As with Facebook, Instagram and Co., the upload platforms do not just want to be operated sporadically.

Advantage 2- Personal Confidence Building

A pleasant voice creates trust. Therefore, a podcast is one of the best ways to attract and retain customers. In addition, you usually reach your listeners in private everyday situations. Whether by car or subway, on the couch or during lunch break. If they then subscribe to your podcast so as not to miss an episode, there is not much that turns the listeners into customers.

Advantage 3- Self-promotion at it’s best

Where better to present your products or services than with a podcast? There is hardly an alternative for this. For a podcast lives by telling its listeners about its business and its advantages, without it seeming spamish for the listener. But of course, it should not be too much praise. A healthy level of self-expression is important. Storytelling is the magic word here. Because with an exciting story about your product or your service, no listener has the feeling of following a commercial.

Advantage 4- Get to know the target group

Even if you cannot answer your listeners directly in a podcast, you can still interact with them. Ask a question and pick up the feedback in the next episode. So the whole thing is more personal and above all you get to know your target audience better.

Advantage 5- Build Expert Status

To establish yourself as an expert is often not easy. Too many others are in the market. So stand out and present your preferences concretely in the podcast – and regularly. It is important to focus on one topic or area.

If you have several emphases, then make different podcast series and make them deliberately different. Otherwise, it will be difficult to serve the different target groups and to be relevant for them.

Advantage 6- Create Testimonial

Every company needs a face or just one vote. To step in front of the camera is for many a big step, but with a Podcast this is not necessary. Just micro on and off you go. Because just like a face, a voice also has a recognition value.

Work with your voice and make your podcast emotionally. This definitely stays in your minds. Get support from the college or from professional speakers. Give your company a voice!

Advantage 7- Easy to pick up users anywhere

We are constantly exposed to new stimuli, so it is not surprising that our attention span is not the greatest. But with a podcast, there is simply no such over stimulation. He focuses on the essential: the voice. Even as a listener you do not need much – the right podcast and at best headphones.

In principle, you can hear everywhere, while driving, at work or in the queue while shopping. Good cell phone reception is not mandatory if you have saved the podcast before.

Benefit from hectic everyday life and bring peace to the lives of your listeners, at least for a short time.

Benefits 8- Generate Reach

A podcast can easily be used on all platforms. Share it on your social media channels or embed it in your blog. The use is so diverse that you can generate incredible reach with just one medium. It could not be easier.

[highlight bgcolor=”#21cec8″ txtcolor=”#ffffff”]A little tip: Also create a video and a transcript from your podcast, which offers you many more ways to create reach.[/highlight]

Advantage 9- Make Money

With your podcast you can not only win new customers and earn money, but also offer advertising space. Either you play in pre-produced commercials or you invite interview partners who promote their products or services. It may also be worthwhile to advertise in other podcasts.

Advantage 10- Go with the trend

According to the PodcastInsights.com, about 51% percent of US population has listened to a podcast, and the trend is rising. Although podcasts are nothing new, radio stations have been making recordings of their programs for decades, and they are now becoming well known. But not many companies have recognized this potential for themselves. So be one of the first in your industry!


Podcast has many benefits for any business and should definitely be used in one way or another. Continue to expand your marketing strategy and actively contribute to the podcast trend. Trust, authenticity, professionalism and much more can be conveyed with your voice or the voice of your business.

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