Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion


In a play to take control of messaging on Smartphone as well as the Web , Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion . Mark Zuckerberg “Facebook CEO”said happy topublicize that we’ve decided to acquire WhatsApp and their total group will be becoming a member of us at Facebook .

Our intention is to create the whole world more open and interconnected. We accomplish this by strengthening services that can help people share any kind of subject matter with all groups of people they expect. WhatsApp helps us accomplish this by continuing to create a service that others across the world feel happy to use daily.

WhatsApp is a very simple, speedy and trustworthy mobile messaging service which is used by over 450 million regular people on each and every biggest mobile operating system. Greater than 1 million people sign up with WhatsApp daily and it is on its own strategy to linking up one billion people today. A lot of people trust in WhatsApp to communicating with all of their connections daily.

WhatsApp will continue to run separately within Facebook . The products roadmap will continue intact and the group is going to sit in Mountain View. Over the next couple of years, we’re intending to do a lot of work to facilitate WhatsApp grow and connect with the internet world. We additionally look forward that WhatsApp will help to increase our efforts forInternet .org, our teamwork to produce basic internet services cost-effective for everybody.

WhatsApp will accentuate our present chat and messaging program to offer brand new tools for our community. Facebook Messenger is extremely popular for chatting with your personal Facebook connections and WhatsApp for connecting with all of your personal contacts and smaller groups of users. Since WhatsApp and Messenger function such distinct and essential uses, we are going to carry on investing in both and making them for each excellent product for everybody.

WhatsApp had each and every option across the globe, so I’m overjoyed that they made a decision to work with us. I’m looking forward to what Facebook and WhatsApp are able to do collectively, and to building up superb cutting edge mobile services that provide people even much more ways for connecting.

I’ve also known Jan for a long period, and I am sure that we both together share the ideas of creating the global much more open and interconnected. I’m especially grateful that Jan has accepted to become part of the Facebook board and partner with me to better shape Facebook’s upcoming future as well as WhatsApp’s .

Jan and the WhatsApp group have successfully done some incredible work to connect approximately half a billion people. I can’t wait for them to become part of Facebook and support us connect the other parts around the world.

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