Android OS security and its facts

Android OS security and its facts

Android’s raising popularity has resulted into higher amounts of security threats, starting from basic malware to high level Phishing and ID theft programs. With a purpose to help Android users to manage these types of issues loads of security software corporations have created their own unique security software applications, but costing you approx. 30 bucks per year for a complete and total smart phone security app doesn’t appear to be a pretty good deal, especially whenever there’s an extensive number of totally free security software applications that will cover all of your needs , which includes a couple of complete security suites with Anti-Theft functionality .

 First that question comes in mind: Can my Android OS get afflicted with a “virus”?

 The one word answer is NO. Because of the fact that, you see, Android software applications function under a “sandboxed” security scheme. This is a strategy that places “virtual walls” between software applications and the other parts of the device’s software applications, so that the only mode an app can share resources and info is by indicating permissions. Which control exactly, what activities an app can perform on your personal Android Smartphone, what file types it can arrive at, and no matter if it can obtain access to your personal details or not .Sandboxing restricts the virus’ functionality to invade your Android Smartphone, since it are not able to access detail from the OS or other sections of the Smartphone without an appropriate user-granted authorization, thus annulling its ability to copy in itself and distribute from one device to another without the operator knowing regarding this (that is really what viruses execute). However, viruses are simply just a small fraction of the vast array of malware types offered (such as Trojans, spyware or adware, exploits and bogus apps), the majority of which do consist of a huge risk to your detail , your privacy along with your Android Smartphone too .

 If Android cannot be afflicted with a “virus”, then why we install an “Antivirus”? 

 Although Android is not able to get afflicted with a virus as a result of the previously mentioned reasons , it doesn’t indicate this is an impregnable OS, but quite the completed opposite : its widespread acceptance has transformed it into the crook’s preferred target all over the world , and with more than seven-hundred Android applications available in the Google Play Store, it is very affordable to imagine that now there is plenty of potential malicious software and other security threats created to reap the benefits of negligent Android Smartphone users .It is exactly there where security applications come across their meaning. Unfortunately, loads of security software applications organizations have followed the “antivirus” key term, though they very well know they actually provide you with anti-malware applications bundled with privacy as well as anti-theft guard.

 Security and Common Sense

 We are now explaining this due to the fact there are lots of ways to get applications ‘for free’. However, installing these things exposes you to ultimately several privacy and security hazards. Why? The reason is simple and easy. While modified APKs preserve the characteristic from the original app, they chaos with the permissions on relatively widespread basis; plenty of authorization is taken out and many others are applied. Installing software applications from the Google Play Store is not ensuring that the software applications are secured either. Google has taken out a number of hoodwink software applications targeted at steal your personal detail and the majority of them did it by means of rogue permissions which had absolutely no reason to.

 Conclusion :

This is the reason a security app won’t be much help you, no matter how beneficial it is remember when you are the kind of person who installs anything just for the Churn of it .Securing your Android Smartphone and your info is your responsibility, not others’. Always keep it in your mind. Don’t forget it.

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