5 Powerful Ideas You Can Use In Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign

Today, in the age of online marketing, one of the tools that you have is Email marketing. In fact, it is one of the most versatile and multi-faceted tools that you have today. You can use in on its own or club it up with other marketing strategies. Today, most advertising agencies handling digital jobs is intertwining it with the existing marketing strategies. Email marketing provides that all-important tool to measure Return on investment. An average person gets 88 emails in a day, in their mailbox. So, you have to do something special, to make that person open your email.

As a brand, email marketing offers a whole lot of ideas today. It can take your business graph several notches higher. You have to plan it out meticulously.

5 Powerful Ideas You Can Use In Your Email Marketing Campaign

1. There are statistics to prove that email marketing does work. Now, you can get the results at a far-lesser cost as compared to other modes of online marketing. You can engage with your potential target on a one-to-one basis with this marketing channel. Personalize emails to suit your client’s needs. It is not like a SMS blast, where you send a notification to all and sundry. You only pay for people who matter to your business and who you want to engage. As per ongoing research on the returns, email campaigns can fetch you $42 for every $1 spent. After you get the desired results, you can create story boards out of them.

2. You can further get benefited from such marketing campaign It can be frustrating for certain individuals when they cannot figure out, which form of marketing works, and which does not. When you start an email marketing campaign with Campaign Monitor, you can surely find out what works for you and what does not. Key email marketing metrics can give you ample proof of what works and what does not. This is one of the best email marketing ideas.If something is not working, you can tweak it immediately. This saves a lot of time and money.

3. There are email platforms that are more intuitive than the other. Today, you can get hold of some of the email marketing campaigns that will help you to reach out to that potential customer. Use tools that come with pre-built high functioning email templates. They have an easy drag and drop interface. Moreover, such tools are easy to use.

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4. Check out the flexibility that can get returns from your email marketing campaign. There are plenty of email marketing ideas that you can use as a brand. If you are a marketing agency, you can pitch these ideas to your clients as well. They can do well, if you showcase a different product each week. You can also offer special prices to your customers via email. You can even segregate the customer list based on the market research results. If you are an agency, you can ask your client to go through case studies. You can even revisit the old emails sent earlier. They can show, you the positives and negative side of the previous email campaign. Thus, giving you a chance to rectify. You can even stress on after-purchase mails. They can help you connect with your customer in a subtle manner. You can also try abandoned cart emails. These mails are meant to ask your customer to rethink, why they took the decision to check out a particular object in the first place. And, also why they changed their decision.

5. Most importantly, try to figure out the results of online marketing.You can go through some real-life successful results. This way you or your prospective client will have full belief in the program.

Thus, email marketing remains one of the major ways to connect with consumers. However, you need to do something outstanding to stay in the good books of your customers. The best way is to collect data from the purchases that your prospect has already made. That will enable you to chalk out campaigns on those lines, to lure them again.

This will have a huge impact in the days to come, especially in this competitive scenario today.

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