5 White Hat Social Media Marketing Strategy That Actually Work

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Today, there is social media everywhere. The internet world is filled with social media strategies. By utilizing these strategies, you can increase your online followers, boost your posts, and even connect with the users outside social media. You can rely on most of the strategies, though some may throw you off-balance. Now, you can get traffic that may be organic or inorganic. The inorganic traffic is mostly paid traffic. You have to carefully choose your strategy, otherwise, you may fall in a trap.

There are a few White Hat social media strategy, that can take you places today. Let us learn more about them today.

White Hat Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Boost Posts With Hight Organic Followers

This is one of the first strategies that come to mind.Most people utilize the boost post option on Facebook. Most businesses have been using this option, to reach a wide array of audiences. You can also utilize this White Hat strategy to reach the target. If you want to build awareness about your brand, this is what you need to do. You can earn lots of real fans, followers, shares, and clicks through this method. You are actually, directing a person to go to your website from the social media platform, with this technique. The best way is to promote posts that are high-engaging. Check out analytics on social media, to find out which posts have received the maximum likes, shares, clicks as well as comments. You need to promote these posts. You have already received proof, that many people have liked your posts. That is a huge encouragement for others to like your post as well.

Advantages are many, if you check it out or observe. Promoting high performing posts gives proof, that all the data is real. If you have already received numerous positive comments, they can encourage others to react positively and increase footfalls.

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2. Host Contents That Are Engagement-Focussed To Generate Leads In Social Media Marketing

You might have observed lately, that social media contests are on the rise. In fact, social media today is a friend for your business. However, most businesses fail to understand the takeaways. They can actually capture a lot of leads from the market. You can now utilize social media software to collect information from participants, whom you can use for your marketing channels. There are several ways, that you can utilize these contests for your benefit.

  • You might have seen businesses asking users to post pictures of themselves in a particular attire or accessory. Can you imagine the engagement you are creating through this process?
  • You can set up such social media contests today through ShortStack or Wishpond.
  • Now, you can ask users to follow your page. Moreover, you can coax them into sharing their email ids, and other details like age and mobile numbers, so that you can share the results with them.
  • Run the contest for a limited period of time, so that people can hurry.
  • You can also enable the voting function to maximize participation.
  • Announce the name of the winner! This is a pre-requisite. Moreover, you need to do this in a realistic manner.
  • You ought to select the prize wisely. You need to understand that cash does not lure all. Make the prize motivate your audience to engage with you on a long-term basis.

3. Sending Follow Up Message

The next strategy involves sending Follow up message to your target audience within 24 hours. Now, whether or not you can do it, depends upon the norms of business. However, you have the golden chance to make your audience approach you. That way, you are actually not breaking any social media Let your audience message you first.

There might be someone, who is looking forward to ask you about your product. This is that golden opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell as well. If you receive a complaint, it is your chance to follow up on that as well. The main motto, is to keep the conversation going.

4. Focus on User-Generated Content And Get permission To Share

It is the images and the views that arrive form your audience, that matters. Now, your business can develop a wider fab base or audience-base. Whatever you call it, is applicable here. Your own customer becomes the salesperson in this case in social media marketing.

Thus, you should focus on campaigns that encourage creation of images and views. You can also encourage your audience. Place a notification on your bio, on Instagram or Facebook asking users to tag you, in their content. You should be specific in your approach. Once, you have the confidence of your audience, you can make the, do anything for you. If you target people who want to feature on your brand page, even without a prize, this is the way forward. Ask people to share the picture of their favourite product. They will happily engage.

Now, it is your turn to share the User Generated Content. Take permission and feel free to share it on your Stories. Tag the original creator as a token of thanks.

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5. You can also tag other brands and influencers, in relevant content

However, you should try to find out their interest first. Do not spam, and get blocked out in return. Understand the social media Now, you can partner with local businesses. Build a beneficial tie-up. That will surely lure both into a partnership. You can post about your brand, and write about, tag,and connect with related brands. There are many opportunities on social media to merge the audience, and reap benefits.

Things To Avoid – White Hat Social Media

Today, you have got to know some of the best ways to build brand awareness and increase footfalls. However, there are certain things that you should avoid, that includes:

  • Using follow-for-follow-then-unfollow strategies on social media.
  • Buy Likes.
  • Try to trick Social media

You should look for a social media strategy in a subtle way. In your face marketing does not really work today.

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