A Beginner’s Guide: How To Start Affiliate Marketing

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

In this age of online marketing, most businesses are taking this route. If you learn to utilize the right online strategies, you can gain an edge over others in business. Let us find out more about the various ways, that you can start affiliate marketing to start earning money.

What Is Affiliate Marketing All About?

This is a passive way, through which you can earn money. This is period. Everyone wants to earn money today. This passive way of earning money takes the route of marketing someone else’s brand or service. The affiliate acts as a marketing agent and salesman. You can also take this route. It does not matter if you are an individual or a business, it is profitable. As an affiliate looking towards a beginners guide to start affiliate marketing, read on.

You will be amazed to know, that you can track the sales through links from one site to the other. If you are an affiliate, you can share the links and products of another company on your website, blog or social media profile. In return you will earn a commission. If someone from your contacts or audience clicks on the links and generates a purchase, you get a commission. If you can do this right, it can serve as a decent way to earn money today.  This affiliate marketing beginners guide is just what you ere looking for.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing Redefined

There are hundreds of different kinds of affiliate marketers. However, there are a few common types, that you can utilize today.

  • Website Owners – are marketers who own websites. Advertisers looking to promote their products contact the website owners. The next step involves placing their links on the website. You need to have good quality content on your websites, so that it can lure the right kind of people. Once a prospect buys something from the link advertised, you can earn an income.
  • SEO or PPC Affiliates – If you fall in this category, you can employ your PPC skills to drive customers to the advertiser’s website via search engine optimization, AdWords and social media.
  • Blog and Content Sites – have garnered quite a large fanfare to generate income through affiliate marketing. These are the most popular sites today. This feat involves writing reviews about the advertiser’s products, which in turn convinces people to buy from the advertiser.
  • Newsletter and Mailers – are yet another way to monetise your website. You can send mailers and newsletters on behalf of the merchants. If someone makes a purchase through such links, then you can get money from the advertiser or merchant. However, your content has to be CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Coupon Sites – have got a lot of popularity today. Many people are looking for hot deals today. So, if a product or service owner advertises on any such coupon site, the coupon site owner stands to get a cut on a purchase.
  • Social Media Platforms – are yet another way to monetise. People who have a large following can get advertiser’s attention. They can showcase the products on their social media channel and earn a decent cut.
  • Review sites – are another top-grosser today. Today, you can review products based on the niche. Visitors on review sites can easily convert to customers for the merchant.
  • Incentivized Traffic – is another way to make money today. The merchant may offer some kind of cashback scheme and incentives to get on board.
  • Shopping services – is yet another way to generate income online today. The more the better. Boost online sales through such shopping services.

Commission That You Can Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

You can expect to earn about 5 % as commission. Though there are some companies like SEMrush, and BeRush that can give up to 40% commission as well. Whereas, some other marketing portals offer a flat rate. Some Affiliate programs offer single-use commission and some offer repeat commission.

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Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide–Click Attribution

You have to take into account various factors like cookies, cookies duration, click attributions, last click and first click to know more about this form of marketing.

Cookies can actually help you track a user’s website behaviour. They can actually tell the advertiser, or whoever is the payer, whether the buyer used the link given on your site or platform or not.

Moreover, you also need to take into account the lifespan of a cookie. For Amazon is 24 hours. After the said time has elapsed, the sale will not be attributed to you.

Last click and first click are the two attribution models that most people use. Last click model gives you 100 % credit for the sale, if the buyer visited your site last, before buying the product or service.

First click rewards affiliates, when the user clicks on your affiliate link. You will be amazed to know that the SEMrush Affiliate Program cookie has a lifespan of 10 years. Here late conversions are taken into account.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing On Affiliate Programs And Networks?

A network generally allows you to choose between different programs. Whereas, an Affiliate program points towards a specific company.

Now, you can really join the bandwagon fast. If you are a website owner or create content on routine basis, find a program that fits your audience and also gives good pay. Some of the leading affiliate networks include ShareASale and CJ Affiliate.

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Beginners Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing – How To Start?

You can start earning right away after joining an Affiliate program today. The materials that you can probably use are eBooks, links, banners, or widgets.You can start the promotions through emails, articles, and social media as well.

You must have heard of the SEMrush Affiliate program? You can utilize links, banners, eBooks, and widgets to start earning now!

Moreover, those who do not have a blog or website, have reason to celebrate. You can also promote products or services such as SEMrush. Start by recommending SEMrush, through email, videos, or social media, like Facebook posts. Now that answers your question – how to start affiliate marketing.

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