Effective way to use social media optimization for your business.


As a Business owner, your  first priority is to connect with people who are purchasing your products or services. The more you connect the better it is, for your Business. The only question that may come to your mind is How to connect? & How to find new connections?.  The Answer is Social Media Optimization also known as SMO.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization is the process of promoting a business or a brand using Social Media Channels. For example using Social Networking website’s like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging sites & etc. The primary goal is to engage & interact with existing customers or potential customers. This will eventually lead to increase in website traffic and effective Brand awareness. 

Benefit of using Social Media Optimization:

1). Increase in Traffic & Awareness – Through sharing and scattering your content or information on Social Media Sites & Social Networking sites, you will slowly see an increase in your website traffic. This will also increase in Brand Awareness. The more you do the better is the result. Remember it’s free.

2). Increase in Connection & Sale – People use Social Networking site or Social Media site to connect with others. If you have a website for your business, then you need to use any of these platform to connect with your existing customers. You need to decide which platform to choose. Some business owner use both platform. Remember your existing connection will lead you to new connection. The more connection you have, the more sale you get.

3). Reduction in Competition – Effective use of Social Media Optimization will always give you an upper edge with your competitors. Always remember , your competitor is also selling the same product & using Social Media Optimization You need to think of an effective strategy on how to beat  or stay on top of them.

Effective way to use Social Media Optimization:

1). Use Awesome Visuals – Visual content always get better engagement than text based content. For this you can use Info graphics, Slide share presentation, Appealing images & etc.

2). Encourage Social Share – Install Social Share tool bar on your website or blogs. Ask for likes, comments & share. Use phrases Like: “Let’s start the conversation below” , “Liked the post, then Share it”, “Please Like this post”.

3). Encourage Content Engagement – Use two titles rather using one. The first title for search engine & the second title for social media. For example: If your Blog title is “ Effective ways to use Social Media Optimization for business”, then your social share title should be “How to effectively use Social Media Optimization for business?”. Put more time and effort  on your Social Media Post. State your opinion and encourage response. Respond to response. Re-post your old content.

4). Engage with Influencer – Join Groups & Forum on Facebook and Google plus. Use re-tweeting websites like just re-tweet. If required pay to get your post tweeted by an Influencer.

Of course,  there could be many more options out there that may be more right for you. That is something that you have to decide based upon your wants/needs/budget.  I hope , I have covered everything in this post. But If you want to add anything more. Then please leave your valuable comments below.

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