Swing Copters game- a Flappy Bird Successor.


I think nobody is forgotten Dong Nguyen. When he was published the game “Flappy bird” many critics are arising due to his game design which is too hard to play and also design similar to Mario. He again knocks in the play store with his new game “Swing Copters”. It is the successor of Dong Nguyen “Flappy bird” game, which is now available at Google play store.This game is Published by .GEARS STUDIOS. It is an independent game developer based in Vietnam and his name is Dong Nguyen. You can download “Swing Copters” game from Google play store by visiting this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dotgears.swing&hl=en

Now Flappy bird is not available in Google play store because Dong Nguyen unpublished this game in a few months due to some critics or says some mysterious reason. You have found a good opportunity to get in on the ground level of the completely new gaming trend to sweep the nation. It’s just like Flappy Bird, but this game is only played vertically. Yeah, it goes up instead of to the right.

Flappy Bird found weirdly famous because of the fact that the elementary features of the overall game were unforgiving. The physics were a little bit wonky and even tough to get used to, and the hit boxes that would finish off your nasty little bird whenever he stroked a wall surface were incredibly susceptible. It’s nearly the same in Swing Copters. The smaller propeller head individual starts rising in the direction of the gates, swinging back and forth. A tap alterations his left/right swing movement direction so it’s possible to line up for the gate. Nonetheless, you will find swinging hammers on both sides of the openings to cause it to become more challenging to slip through.

The primitive outlook was not lying—Swing Copters are even more challenging and more irritating as compared to Flappy Bird. From my bounded time frame with it, I feel like it might seriously be too rigorous. Flappy Bird found big simply because it was possible to get through quite a few gates, even if you sort of sucked at the game. There was any hope for an even better run next time. Swing Copters continually has the big hit boxes, still the movement is more complicated to get comfortable with. Those “screw-you-hammers” really keep it over the top.

How to play Swing Copters:

A tap button for alterations his left/right swing movement direction. Using it you can handle the movement. You will find swinging hammers on both sides of the openings so you need to cross these hammers without touching it and reach to the destination or goal.

This game seems to be very easy, but flying with a propeller hat is not as easy task as it appears to be. Throughout your game play you need to be grab total 4 medals to unlock more attributes. Play this game and discover more things. Also share with us how you like this game by leave a comment on this post.

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