How to use Hashtags effectively for social media marketing?


The importance of Hashtag is growing significantly, for Social Media Marketing. As it enables content marketers to identify social media conversation & also get in front of their target audience. Almost all Social media platform now support Hashtags. The most commonly known names are: Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Instagram & Pinterest. When used correctly it can become a powerful tool for Social Media Marketing.

What is Hashtag?

A Hashtag is a pound sign (#) and according to twitter it is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. The first Hashtag was created in the year 2007 by twitter user to categorized message.  

How to use Hashtag for Social Media Marketing?

  • How to use it: It’s important to know how to use a Hashtag & make it more effective. The first thing that you need to remember is to use less complex word when creating a Hashtag as overly complex Hashtag are not search friendly. Use of numbers should be within the Hashtag keyword. For example if you use numbers like #14 or #2014, it will not work but it you use it like #yourhashtag14 or #yourhashtag2014, it will work.
  • Test & Check: It’s very important to test the effectiveness of your Hashtag by checking what’s already there. As sometimes the Hashtag that you have created might be associated with something else and all your hard work will be useless.
  • Choose something Unique & Easy: It’s always advisable to use a unique and easy Hashtag. In general try to use abbreviation or short form when you are creating it.
  • Track Your Hashtag: It’s important that you track & monitor your Hashtag after it becomes live. This will help you to respond to users & analyse its engagement.

How to use it in different Social Media Platform?

  • Twitter: On Twitter you can view trending Hashtag on the sidebar of your Twitter page and at If you would like to join a Hashtag conversation, you need to click the tweet.
  • Facebook: On Facebook you can search for Hashtag by entering it on the search bar at the top using the syntax #yourhashtag. You can also type the complete address ( on your browser to search it. Know more about Facebook marketing visit our post “how to use Facebook for business marketing online“.
  • Google plus: Google plus is a product of world’s most used search engine and post from Google plus also get ranked on Google search engine results. It’s always advisable to use relevant Hashtag, whenever you add a post on Google plus. Using the Google plus search for Hashtag, when clicked it displays all post relevant to the Hashtag.

Usage of two many Hashtag can some time give wrong impression to your followers & individuals. Therefore it is good if you only use a maximum of two Hashtag per post. Using Hashtag correctly on Social Media will always help you in expanding you business. I hope that with this post I have covered everything about, How to use Hashtags effectively for social media marketing? But, in case if would like to add anything to this post. Please leave your valuable comments below.  

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