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Best 3 Free Backup App For Android: Now Need Not Worry To Losing Your Data


When you have important files, you definitely need to keep a backup plan. This is the prime thing that everyone should do after buying an electronic product. As it is always said that the longevity of electronics vary from one person to another, therefore, you definitely don’t know whether your luck is going to favour or not. So since these products can start misbehaving any time, in order to keep your stuff safe and secured, you need to know the various ways of backing up your files.

These days you can get various free backup apps that can definitely serve your purpose.

So let’s find out the top three apps that I feel is decent and have all the necessary features to backup your data.

CM Backup:  

CM Backup app for android

You have definitely heard about CM backup available in your app store. Yes! This is one of the top rated apps that have been used by people. Well, it is not used for keeping a backup of the files, but it can definitely used for keeping a backup if call logs, bookmarks, contacts, messages, user dictionaries, calendar info and alarms. Unlike other, this app has the cloud solution to keep the files and then restoring the data again.

This is a simplest one for users, Apart from this, this app also include website where you can manage and view the backups that you have made. In the options of many, we don’t really prefer most of the times, but it is decent enough when it comes to backup apps.CM Backup android app


Super Backup Pro:

Super Backup Pro android backup app

This is another very simple app available in Google Play store. It comes with an easy to use interface and a functional one, which makes it easy accessible. It has all the features that we as in the techsavvy people need; It comes with buttons which can individually backup the contacts, SMS, apps, calendars and much more. Moreover, to it even easier, it gives users’ the opportunity to define the location of backup along with automatic backup scheduling. Cloud storage is an additional feature that you will be getting.

While some bugs have been reported, but overall, it is a great solution for people.  Super Backup Pro android app

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Ultimate Backup:

ultimate backup android app

Last but not the least, is the Ultimate Backup App. This is another great app on which you can rely. It comes with great features which makes it a tough competitor of various other backup apps. Ultimate Backup comes with of the great features like backup apps, freeze or unfreeze system bloatware, app sync to cloud storage and much more. People who will opt for the pro version can also get the back actions for backup and restore, removing advertisements, restoring app from cloud and much more.

This is undeniably a perfect solution when it comes to backup apps. If you are looking for some simple solid feature without unnecessary bunch of features, Ultimate Backup can be a great choice.Ultimate Backup android app

Well, so these are some of the top backup apps for android that can serve the best. As I have mentioned above the need for great backup apps, I would again recommend you to download one today if you are someone who relies on your electronics like me. This will keep away from future problems.

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So I hope it was helpful for you. Don’t forget to like comment and share if you have some suggestion.

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