AMP Is The Future Of SEO- What Are Its Benefits?


Time flies so easily! Isn’t it?

Well, definitely yes. It feels like yesterday when we were waiting for the changes in SEO trend in 2016 and then a new one. In 2017, the only way to acquire results is making your time for budgeting, strategizing and planning for SEO. If you think you require some help or inspiration for setting the priorities, here are a few tips that you can use in the coming days.  

The SEO event in USA came up with some of the important tactics. Among these, some of which are expected and quite logical, but there are some that were table turning. And one of them was Google’s AMP. The updates in SEO are going at a speed of rocket and therefore it’s a need to keep your eyes stuck on the changes to get the position and higher conversion.

Google AMP – What is it?

AMP is actually a protocol which force the webmaster to develop the web with mobile pages that can be fully accelerated. AMP is the abbreviation of Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is the open source framework which has been developed by Google along with in collaboration with WordPress, Twitter and LinkedIn.

By this, Google has actually revealed to the marketers about the importance of fast mobile websites. From a research, it has been revealed that if your website takes more than 3 seconds of loading time, you can lose more than 40 percent of the visitors. By installing the AMP, Goggle allows you to further enhance the overall mobile experience.

Google AMP is one of the most useful tools for the marketers. It builds trustworthiness and enhance the speed for the online visitors along with enable to maintain the authenticity of the element that needs to be included.

Making use of AMP is your SEO strategy means rather than the need for a group to find specialized element of the page, it helps to promote the content via current page setting. This helps to enhance the build speed while lessen the stacking time on your smartphone.

So, here I have accumulated the advantages of using AMP in SEO.

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Well, there is no doubt that AMP enhance the experience of the mobile visitors, it can actually become a big tool for the entire SEO strategy and in your business promotion. Here are some of the reasons for which AMP is a must have tool in the SEO agencies.

1. The first main reason of making use of AMP in the SEO agencies is that it helps these pages to appear on Google News Carousels. Being included in an AMP pages actually implies more consideration in the search engines. The more number of organizations start joining to distribute contents digitally, the more it will become important for you to be there on AMP in order to get more and more eye on you.

2. One of the vital reasons that immensely affect the SERP position is the stacking time. Apart from that, the smartphone users will not sit for more than six seconds. This is why you need a page that loads in hardly 2 seconds. As we all know, when the rank is higher the more visibility you attain from the users.

3. Now another very important thing that you need to know is speedy page will not only let your visitors remain on your website, but also it will tremendously affect in lessening the bounce rate of the website. While this might not be the most important part that decides the ranking, but then again low bounce rate means you have genuine users and your contents are being liked by them which again can be used as a marketing trick.

Well afterall you need to know how your AMP is actually doing in the market and you would like to see it in Google Analytics. The bad news is AMP cannot be used in any external JavaScript, since this is also an external source. This definitely does not imply that one cannot measure or find the statistics, as this has a special AMP analytics tag. By making use of this tag, you can measure the statistics.

So this was all the about the latest Google AMP and how it has an impact in the SEO. I hope it was helpful for you. Don’t forget to like and comment and tell me your thoughts on it.

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