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4 Popular Yet Free Tools To Design Your Android App


In the world of digitization, is online business the ultimate stop?

NO! When you have a website, promotion is the next big step that encourages your business by getting more revenue. Being a website publisher, this is the need for all the businessmen. These days, we don’t even wait to open our laptop or desktop as smartphones have actually made our life much easier. This is competitive while a great way to reach a wider audience. Post making a website, to increase your sells; the next big step is having a dedicated app for your business.

We all know how popular Android is when it comes to building apps. It has been calculated that 50% of the market is consumed by Android users and, therefore, having your own app built on this platform can actually result in generating good revenue.

After reading this, you must be thinking about the investment required to build your own app. Well, then wait for a second as we will discuss an affordable or rather a free way to create an app for the website in just a few clicks. It does not require any coding skills as all you need is a website and time.

So, let’s have a look at the tools:



This is an amazing platform for people who want their dedicated Android app. Using this particular platform, anyone will be able to develop their app without the need for programming language or investing months. It will just take a few minutes. The only thing required is providing links to the website or Atom/RSS feed. Using this information, they will be automatically transformed into an app perfectly compatible for any Android phone. You also get the free to list and sell on Google Play or any other Android Market. Other than putting the logo, you don’t have to make huge customization.

It is unspeakably easy and fast. So don’t wait just go for it.



AppsGeyser is another platform that has simplified the entire process of developing and designing an Android app. Even when it has huge features, it offers free services with which you can make your app. Once the app is being made, this AppGeyser also helps you to gain traffic by engaging more customers and proffer best returns.

If you are thinking that you will be limited to a few templates, then its a big No, as here you can get more than 70 app templates thereby giving you a diverse option to choose from. It hardly takes 5 mins to get the app ready. Other than this, there are some features like pop-up notification, HTML5, tabbed browsing, social sharing and much more.



Conduit Mobile (Now Swiftic) has made it easier for all the content providers and web publishers to make their custom mobile app by their own. No longer you need designers or developers for coding. This platform will help you to develop the app along with publish in app stores and other marketplaces. This is definitely very easy and is the answer for making an app for your business.

You just need to give the URL of your website. As soon as you do it, Conduit will scan the site for the contents, choose among the rich selection of the built-in content that includes photo, RSS feed, videos, HTML, radio streams, social media feeds and much more. All is does is makes business easy without costing you an arm and leg.


Free Blog Apps

This is another platform with which you can create your app for the marketplace by making use of the RSS content of the blog. You don’t have to have coding knowledge as it is automatic and simple. It lets your readers stay updated with the blog news straight from the tablets or android phones.

There is no doubt that apps have become a necessity in today’s date. But there are again monetary constraints, which can be completely resolved by this free app making platform. Here you need to put the RSS and the next page will appear where you require customization. Later, you can download and also share on your social social sites. Even when it is free, it is compatible with software like blogspot, Feedburner, Blogger, WordPress and much more.

Finally you will be able to make the app for your online business. Best of all is you can do it for free and use it for your business purpose.    

So, what are you waiting for? Just use these tools today and make your own dedicate app.

Hopefully, I was able to endow with adequate information and make your life a little easier. Do comment and like if you find it helpful.

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