4 Best Ways To Monetize Your WordPress Blog And Earn Money


Money making is a need and if you are looking for legitimate ways for doing that, its a very great start. If you love to write and want to make your passion as the source of earning, WordPress can be agood platform to start with. From a research it has been observed that almost 27% of the websites on planet has been developed on this platform. You can definitely start blogging and start earning by knowing the best ways of doing it.

Firstly I would like to say that, these are no such schemes that will give you overnight results. If you are in a plan to become rich in a few days through online platforms, then this is definitely not a great choice. I don’t think there is nothing in this world that can proffer results in one day unless it is illegal.  

Blogging and WordPress is definitely rewarding, but all you need is patience and investing more and more time on it. So therefore let us find out the different ways of making money online. Hopefully you will find them helpful.

1. Make Money With WordPress Affiliate Marketing:

If you have been planning to opt for blogging, you have definitely heard of affiliate marketing. This is something when you recommend your readers to make a buy by giving the links of the product on your blog. Everytime when someone is clicking or purchasing the product from your affiliate links, you are getting the commission from that particular online store.

Most of the online shopping sites offer affiliate programs to the people who are willing to be a part of it. Different shopping sites have different commission rates for differet products, which you require checking. No matter whatever niche you are from, you will always get the products from the online stores and start your affiliate marketing.

In this way you are able to live your passion while make money by acquiring commission from the shopping sites. Here are some of the most common platforms that offer affiliate program:

To manage the affiliate links, you can use the plugin available in WordPress named ThirstyAffiliates. It enables inserting links into the posts, auto replace the keywords into the links, create branded links along with also give an insight on how the links are performing,

This is considered as one of the simplest ways to make money, as it helps to promote a huge range of products. You write a blog and promote the products with links to earn from them.

Next way is:

2. Display Google AdSense on WordPress:

This is another easy way to earn good amount from your blog. The only thing you need is to add script from Google into your website and display it. Everytime a user clicks on the ad that are being displayed on your website, it ill give you something in return. These are also known as CPC ads.

Are you thinking what is CPC?

Cost Per Click. When you display these ads with the Google Adsense, it helps you in getting the set fee everytime a user visit and click on them. This cannot be done manually as it is already being set by the advertiser.

This means when your website is attracting more audience, you get more chances of earning with the clicks. Also, when the number of visitors increases as well as the page views, it actually increases the CPC rate.

Therefore, this is another great way of income if you can do it properly.

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3. Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly:

There is no doubt that setting Google AdSense is really very easy, but the amount gets limited after a point of time.

When you sell banner directly on the website, it can be very lucrative. Instead of being a middle man who gets only a minimal amount, start negotiating terms and price of your own. There is no doubt that CPC  is great, you can directly use those models to sell the ad banners where you can charge a flat rate.

Well in order to earn more, you need to work more. Direct selling ads take much more work than making use of the Google Adsense. Here not only you have to use the code, but have to negotiate, take care of the terms and also the administrative part of it.

However, WordPress plugins can still ease your work to some extent. BuySellAds plugin in WordPress can become a help when it comes to inserting the links along with the shortcodes and widgets.

Isn’t it great? Well, let’s find out the next one.

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4. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts:

There are bloggers who are not interested is displaying the ads and disturb them, then what should they do?

With the ad networks, you tend to lose your control over the contents that will be displayed on your site. Since some readers are genuinely annoyed by this, they make use of ad blockers and in such scenario the only alternative way is by sponsorships.

Sponsorships work just like the way TV shows, sports and other industries do. Basically these companies pay to represent their products and if your blog has great number of viewers, you can definitely earn a lot from it.

All you need is proper contents and promoting it.  

Well, there are various other ways that can help you to earn from blogging, but these are the top 4 ways that WordPress and bloggong can reward you. You definitely need to keep in mind that even when they sound pleasing, it is all about patience. Nothing will work in a day or in one night, it requires months of time and effort to get a rewardimg result.

I hope I was able to help you with the information. Don’t forget to like and comment if you find it helpful.

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