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7 Powerful Ways To Double Your Blog Traffic Using Facebook


Getting traffic to your blog is extremely very important to earn good from blogging. One of the simplest methods of driving traffic is by engaging audience from your Facebook to the blog. Irrespective of the quality of blog you are writing, nothing is great without getting appropriate readers. Therefore marketing is very essential for the bloggers. Blog Traffic using Facebook is one of the most common and simplest ways used by the top marketers.

Facebook is a great medium of engagement and proffer great opportunities to enhance the numbers of readers in your blog. Well, there are different ways of doing that, but I have found these 7 ways to be the most effective and creative ways to drive traffic to the website and blog.

So let’s start with it:

  1. Keep Short Updates:

There is no doubt that your blog will have a lot of text where you have provided the details. When you are posting in Facebook , make sure you cut it short with witty updates as it helps to get more engagement. Trust me, the click through rate will get increased within a very less time. The ideal length will be one sentence and best under 140 characters for Twitter account.

Don’t forget that Facebook has a lot of fans both on desktop and mobile. So therefore always make sure that blogs are short, intriguing and clear to convey the messages.

Smart Tips:

  • The thumb rule is to make Facebook updates within 140 characters.
  • Your updates will be like the teaser of your blog.
  • Don’t forget the smart phone readers in mind.


  1. Ask Questions:

Just like title tags make an enormous change in your post by asking questions, using questions can invoke response from Facebook as well.

Make use of questions to get more and more engagement from your fans. Write witty and intriguing questions. Make your questions in a way that your readers get compelled to answer or know more about it.

You can write questions in different forms like trivia, fill in the blanks and much more.

Smart Tips:

  • Write short and easy questions that are readable. Don’t forget to use the “You“term
  • Build curiosity in your questions to get more clicks, like and share
  • Make it a problem solving tone


  1. Use quotes from your blog:

Give a taste of the post. Write quotes in your blog post and include that in your Facebook post. In general, you will find that quotes are one of the most used contents on Facebook. When someone is sharing your post, it means they liked your thought or everything that you have written.

Get a quote from the articles in a concise manner and acquire the flavour of contents. For making it better, start including photos or start making quotes.

Tips on Quote Usage:

  • Make use of quotes that can make controversy to generate huge engagement on the Facebook page.
  • Use quotes from your blog post that clearly summarize your main point
  • Author’s face or quote inclusion for more engagement.
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  1. Skip the Link:

Unless you are going to use a full size image, skip making use of links on your post texts.

Clean updates make more sense. Don’t give links prior to posting, as the image and the summary that you are posting from your post is already clickable to get the traffic directly to your blog article. This can become a great choice for bloggers.

Smart Tips:

  • Your updates needs to be more readable and should not have any links
  • When you are using full sized image, you require the actual link of the blog
  • Don’t forget to delete the link prior to posting it to the fans


  1. Make Weekly Wrap Up:

Okay, so this is a new thing. Just like you conclude in every blog post, here also after every Friday or a day as per your choice, start compiling your articles. After compiling and posting it, don’t forget to share it on your facebook. This will help your readers to get a glance of all the posts that you have posted in the entire week.

While posting, wrap all the posts, don’t forget to include the best images and create a very pretty and intriguing update for your fans.

Smart Tips:

  • Make use of the lookbook to show the images that you have used in the blog
  • Choose the best day in a week to post your weekly wrap up
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  1. Embed a Short Video of The Blog:

You need to show your creativity by making use of the blog images. Create short Instagram video or vine to give a glimpse of the blogs to the readers. Once you have created the video, embed the link on your Facebook page.

As we all know videos are much more effective and when you make it to give a glimpse of your posts, it helps to get an idea if there is something valuable for them. Your video needs to be enticing enough for more engagement and CTR.

Smart Tips:

  • Make the video that reveals what your articles are all about
  • Personalize the video by making use of beautiful images
  • Embed the video on your Facebook page for more engagement.


  1. Share Blog posts of others ( Same Niche)

Well, this might make you feel a little bit thoughtful, it is actually a great way. When you start doing this, it will drive more traffic to your website and Facebook page. Make sure you only share posts those are useful and attract.

Sharing is the other meaning of social media. So you need to share posts from the leaders of the industry, also your fans along with other known sources. Don’t forget about the article relevance as they need to belong from the same niche.

Smart Tips:

  • Share contents from trustworthy sources
  • Include their links on your Facebook page
  • Start generating more and more fans and leaders in order to extend your network

Getting blog traffic is a huge struggle that every blogger have to initially face. Well, this will be a struggle but effort is the key. However, Facebook can definitely ease your struggle with its huge network.

I have found these 7 ways to be the most effective one for my blog page and if you have other tips that can enhance the Blog Traffic using Facebook, don’t forget to write it in the comment section. Also if you find this helpful, don’t forget to hit the like button.

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