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If you have been into marketing, then it is understandable about the amount of work and effort you need to put on for a successful marketing. Moreover, it also requires great knowledge about the best time to reach customers. Marketing is all about keeping an eye on customers move and therefore you require working as per their peak available timing, which brings the need for scheduling app.  When you have android app for social media, everything gets much easier.

Managing multiple profiles on your own by working on the very time is not possible. This is the reason why you require a good way to manage your different profiles. Well, Google Play store have many such apps that can ease your life, but here are the top two apps that I have personally used and feel can be great for marketers.

1. Buffer

2. Hootsuite

So let’s find more about each one of them:


If you are looking for something that can be easily navigated while it is very simple to use, proffer effective results, then Buffer can be a great choice for you. This is the finest key to manage all your social media profiles. Once you have created your account, on your left you will get a wide number of options to choose the network that you need to work with.

android app for social media

Buffer actually makes it easier and simpler to track your performance, schedule all the posts along with manage the accounts from the same place. One dashboard to manage everything.

  • Helps to schedule the posts
  • You can add posts on the buffer queue
  • A complete overview on the performance
  • You can also upload video or GIF

Primarily to check whether it is good for you, use the free version with limited features. But I am very sure, that you will make it your friend once you start working with it as it has the efficacy to cater the various marketing needs in a simple way.

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Social media managing tool is one of the great ways to fulfil the marketing needs. From the many scheduling apps, Hootsuite is a known tool that has been chosen by millions of marketers all around the world. Once you have created your account or signed up after choosing a plan, you get the chance to enjoy the different features that are there in Hootsuite.

android app for social media

Well primarily you require adding all the social media channels with the Hootsuite like LinkedIn, Google+, Instragram, Facebook and Twitter. Once all is set, the social media buttons are displayed on the left corner. You can access all of them from one dashboard. Hootsuite automatically posts and schedules the content thereby helping in more engagement. Only by a single click, you will be able to respond to the messages or comments. Last but not the least is track the reports of the audience.

  • Manage all network from a single dashboard
  • Helps to analyze the growth rate and ROI improvement
  • More engagement with customers
  • Simple, fast and effective

Hootsuite offers a range of plans depending on the need and therefore you can choose one. So get registered today and enjoy a whole range of features to make your marketing much more effective.

Now that you have known the top two android app for social media, make sure you start using it. I would recommend both as both have been giving amazing results to me. This will definitely help to manage the social accounts with an ease. Just download, register and enjoy.

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