How to password protect your chrome browser?

password protect

It does not matter which OS you are working with, the majority of people do have the trend of password protect their own computer systems while we are away for short spans. This is also a sensible way to confirm that your mate or niece won’t mess up your personal computer as well as prevent your system from data and privacy identity theft. However, there are occasions when it is necessary to share your personal computer with others and he/she can use your web browser and with ease access your personal data files.

To provide more security, Google chrome introduces a new feature called “User Manager” or password protect mode which allows you to locking the chrome browser using a password.

Why you have need to password protect your chrome browser?

The web browser we use holds a large number of essential as well as very sensitive info for example your personal browsing recorded history , stored passwords , logged in records and sessions , cookies , and so forth . In addition to that, your Chrome browser is linked to your personal Google account and any individual who has physical permission to access your web browser can ability to get your email messages and the sensitive data files.  Now it becomes possible to prevent all these attempts by just enabling the password protect mode in Google chrome web browser.

 Steps to follow for Enable password protect mode in Google chrome:

Before proceed further, to use password protect mode you need to first log in to chrome browser using your Google account because “user Manager” option utilizes your Google account password as the password for your Google chrome browser.

1). Open your Google Chrome browser and type “chrome://flags” in the URL bar of chrome browser and hit enter then a new window will be appeared.

Password Protect mode in chrome

2). Here search (CTRL+F) for the option “Enable new profile management system.”

user manager feature in chrome

3). Now select the option “Enable from the drop-down menu.

user manager feature in chrome

4). Once this done, click on the button “Relaunch Now” which appearing at the bottom of the screen.

password protect

5). after your relaunch, you will find a drop down menu at the top most upper right corner of the Google chrome window. On clicking the right corner drop down menu you will see the option “Lock” simply click on it to lock the chrome browser.

password protect

6). Once locked, then all windows are closed and display the user profile (if available any). To relaunch your current session again, select your profile and enter your Google account password and hit Enter. That’s it.

See the Below Video to learn quickly step by step procedure to Enable Password Protect mode in Google Chrome Browser:

Note: While the Chrome web browser is locked, other users are still able to use the web browser as a guest user by choosing the option “Browse as Guest” found at the bottom left corner area. 

I hope that this post helps you and you can also leave your valuable comment on this new feature of Google chrome.

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