5 Landing Page Mistakes Which Ruin Your SEO


Search Engine Optimization has been a great way to attract million of users throughout the globe and hence has been a prime need for the top businesses. But then again there is always a need for following the right technique in order to glue their attention on your website. The more audience your website can attraction and keep them, the more your site has its value.

But wait; don’t always follow the same technique blindly as it can result in ranking your site poorly. As we all know the top major search engine like Google, changes the algorithm every next year and therefore it is a crucial part to understand the landing page mistakes that you are not supposed to make.

Want to know, what are those? Let’s see the mistakes that you definitely need to avoid.

Your Website Has Short Content:

These search engines are the business entities. Just like any their businesses, they also want their users to get the most from them. According to some of the top marketing groups, Google never prioritize websites that has very short contents as well as does not provide relevant information to the users. They need good contents and relevant information in order to get the ranks higher.

So, what to do!

  • Create more content for the landing page so that the customers get all the basic answer
  • The number of words in your landing page needs to be between 1,000-3,000
  • Since word count is a necessity, does not mean that you will be providing something irrelevant. Your landing is the face of your brand, therefore needs to be accurate and highly relevant
  • Create content in a way that it forces your audience to stick to your page and keep reading. This will help to increase the rank

What should be the keyword phase that will help to attract the targeted audience? To find out the answer of this question, you need to search it in the search engine and take a look at the top three results. Find out their structure of writing, how they design contents and their keywords phrase and then utilize it.


Don’t Forget To Use Visual Elements:

Would you like to read then you will find only plain text? Isn’t it so boring? Indeed! It is. I would definitely not stay in the page for more than a few seconds. If you really don’t want your users to take the same step like me, make sure you don’t make it look dull and include visual elements that will do with your topic or business. If you don’t want your bounce rate to increase, include great visual elements.

  • You need to include image after 80-100 words
  • Make more use of graphics, color and if possible infographics to keep your message straight and clear
  • It would be even better if you can make some videos and include them on your website
  • In order to improve visibility, make sure you use ALT attributes on each and every image. When these will show on the result page, this will help to get redirected to your website. Hence, more and more searchers on your landing page.

Loading Time is More:

If you have been following me then you will definitely find the major disadvantages of slow loading speed. It might happen that your website has effective key phrases, tough CTA messages and a crazy headline, but when the loading speed is slow, you have nothing at all. Trust me guys! No one has the patience and time to wait when they can find answers in less time. You need to make sure that your website loads within 5 seconds.

  • Find out the codes which create superfluous junk on the landing page
  • Upgrade the web hosting plans
  • Don’t make excessive redirects as it bogs down the server which leads to slow loading time
  • Resize and compress the images in order to make the loading faster

You need to make sure about the mobile speed of the pages as it is slower than desktops. There are many tools that can check the speed. Follow them to know the speed.

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Confusing Design and Cluttered Images:

These days you will find that landing pages have multiple offers. If you fall in this category, you need to make sure that your page is properly organized. If your page has really great contents but cluttered images, it will never appeal the readers.

So how would you understand that your landing page is appealing?

  • Make sure you have used a strong headline
  • Use images that help users to understand the benefits that they will obtain from you
  • Make sure you use short paragraphs as it makes great readability
  • Always make the CTA button with an appealing bold color

The thumb rule of an appealing landing pave is start removing navigation vars. When your landing page has great design and everything available systematically along with have proper information, they will start visiting your website more often.

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Not Emphasizing on Page Data:

How would you understand that your website actually is liked by many users? You need to keep an eye on the data. There are many tools available in the internet that can help to track the web pages and give you an insight about the users.

Why do you need to follow these data?

  • You will be able to know the number of visitors per week, day and month
  • You can also find the returning user
  • You will be able to find the conversion rate of the landing page
  • You can also find the bounce rate, places that are getting more visitors and the peak time

Well, I have discussed about these tools that can give an insight about the data. I will link the blog so that you can understand the data analyzing tools.

So these are some of the top landing page mistakes that you definitely need to avoid. In order to hold your visitors on your website, make sure you follow the right methodologies and avoid these few mistakes.

I hope, I was able to give the required information. Don’t forget to hit the like and comment. Also if you would like to stay updated, subscribe to my blog.

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