7 Powerful Tips To Use Quora Marketing For Business


Marketing is the first step for business to acquire global eye on your business website. And when it is about marketing joining Quora should definitely be there in your list. Well, there are many who have been using Quora but not able to enjoy its many advantages, the only reason behind this is not being able to handle properly. So today we will learn little bit about Quora marketing.

Quora was launched in the year 2009 designed to ask questions and get answers and vice versa. Oftentimes, we come across many situations where we are not able to get the answers of some questions. Quora becomes a rescuer for those unsolved questions along with helps to gain comprehensive knowledge from the experts of the industry. Even if you want answer from a specific person, you can request for answers to help you solve the problem you are facing.

But a website where you can find different types of questions from “What to wear with blue jeans” to “Is Kolkata gay-friendly” to the recent controversies, how will you be able to utilize this platform for business promotion?  Well, here I have found some of the tips for a successful Quora marketing.

1. You Need To Talk About The New Ideas

This is pretty much easy and the ideal way to beat the drum and get the eyes on you. All you need is to find your topic of expertise, look for the un-answered questions which have maximum number of followers and write an answer using your knowledge as in provide a good opinion on the answer section. This is the cherry in the cake which is mostly observed even when a big creamy cane is surrounding it. ?

2. Make better ways for communication

Don’t get me wrong. By this, I am not asking you to get the cold calls via Quora. Indeed a terrible idea. Well, all I want to say is the way to connect with a rockstar of your niche then start following them on Quora and keep answering to the questions that you find they are following. After all your effort, if you find them start liking your comments or answers, then the better choice lies in sending direct messages. You will definitely be surprised that some people will want to connect offline and hence can be a great start.

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3. Focus on your communication skill

Beyond gaining more and more business, one of the biggest benefits that you can get from Quora is sharpen your communication. If you think you are great at it, then try Quora. This will help to give clear and straight response rather than waffling and evaluate properly. This can become a great help for blogs as it makes you’re a better communicator thereby helping to get more and more audience.

4. Skip The Idea of Self Promotion

The key to build reputation on Quora is by answering to those questions where you have in-depth knowledge. The great start could be the genre of your business as definitely you can knowledge about it. Next to this, start looking for what other people of your genre are answering and starting answering to those questions. Always keep in mind that self promotion is not a good idea in Quora and the only way to build your reputation is by answering and asking.

5. Ask Relevant Questions

You need to understand that questions have much impact then answers. Quora encourages people by increasing the competitive spirit not only by answer but also by asking engaging questions. Getting only answers or asking only questions is monotonous but both at the same time can be a great one. For the entrepreneurs, following the right questions and answering properly with in-depth knowledge can proffer satisfactory results.

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6. Build Your Presence:

Since you are in Quora for promotion, it is always advisable to use real name, elaborate your business profile and have a complete profile to have other members know more about you. Quora is not like Facebook or Twitter, but it is different as here people will know by your area of expertise. Everyone has knowledge on something and this is the platform of sharing and knowing more about it. The more you start getting engaged in some interesting conversation, the more you come in the limelight.

7. Monitor and Engage:

Making use of Google alerts with the help of “Quora jess3”, you can get real time monitoring. Start making a thread on the areas where you have the expertise and keep yourself engaged. Follow your industry and engage in conversations. You might want to include the Google alerts on what your competitor’s are mentioning which might include the partners, rivals and everything. Like Wikipedia, Quora is just the active version of it.

When marketing is the concern, Quora is a need. This is the simplest way to get visitors, know about your competitor and acquire global visibility. So these are some of the most effective Quora marketing tricks used by the businesses. Start following these rules and increase the engagement.

I hope you find these marketing tricks helpful. If you did, don’t forget to hit the like button. Also do comment on what you think about it and subscribe to my blog for regular updates.

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