5 amazing WhatsApp tricks you can never imagine

whatsapp tricks

You are thinking of the best mobile messaging application for Smartphones? Then only one name comes in mind that is WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp messenger is today the best smartphone messaging application that we have found on the internet. It has unique and unbelievable features which makes this truly amazing.

WhatsApp has turned out to be the very largest used messaging application on the Phone. But now it has been launched for different OS too. Now it is available for Windows, Blackberry, Symbian (s60), Java, IOS and Android.

In every month 400+ active unique users are seen on WhatsApp, which is almost close to beat the record of Facebook. It is the main reason behind the WhatsApp to attract most of the people. And its blazing fast messaging service makes this application unique.

I am going to write about some unpredictable and most asked WhatsApp tricks you can never imagine. Simply you can make use of these WhatsApp tricks after reading this post for fun and knowledge.

List of 5 amazing WhatsApp tricks:

1. Lock your WhatsApp Chat using Password:

Every online account have contains some personal information and every one want to secure their information from track or seen by anyone who using your personal mobile. Then I am tell you how to lock your WhatsApp account using password and it is fully secure and no one can track your chats or use it unwillingly.

In Google Play Store many apps are available for lock chats in WhatsApp but I would suggest the best one to use for lock WhatsApp that is “Messenger and Chat Block”.

Chat Lock for Whatsapp

Click on the link and Download : Lock Your WhatsApp Chat

After download, install it on your smartphone and enter a strong password (For creating a secure password Read our post: How to create a secure and strong Password?) to secure your WhatsApp account.

2. How to send any type of file extension (PDF, APK and ZIP) using WhatsApp:

Currently WhatsApp doesn’t allow to send other file extension through attachments. But i have a trick to send these type of file via attachments. Just follow the steps below to use this WhatsApp trick:

Whats Packed 2 ads

Go to the link and download: Whats Packed 2 ads

After download install it on your smartphone. Then you are able to send the above file extension without any problem using WhatsApp attachments.

Note: Receiver also need to install “Whats Packed 2 ads” to receive files from your WhatsApp contacts.

3. How to send larger Video file by reduce size via WhatsApp:

Most of us know that WhatsApp restricts us to send any attachments that is generally more than 16 MB. We are easily able to send the image, audio or video files whose size is less than 16MB. But when we talk about video files than for 1min to 2 min video takes 16MB and more than 2min videos generally takes much size than 16MB. Now you are easily send videos whose size are more than 16MB. Don’t believe on me than simply follow the below WhatsApp trick to check it:

Video WhatsApp Converter

  • First you need to compress your video using “Video WhatsApp Converter”.
  • By using this converter you can compress the video file to less than 16MB.

Go to the link and download: Video WhatsApp Converter

4. How to create a fake messages in WhatsApp:

Are you ever thinking or imagine of creating fake messages in WhatsApp to prank your friends. Yes i have a trick to make your imagine comes true. Now you can able to create WhatsApp messages or chats easily between any two peoples. For apply or use this WhatsApp trick follow the steps below one by one:


  • First you need to download the app “Whatsaid” and install it on your smartphone.
  • After installing you are now ready to use this application. Now start creating message and prank your friends with this superb WhatsApp trick.

5. How to get WhatsApp Statistic:

Most of the time you are spending in chatting with your friends, family and colleagues members on WhatsApp. SO, you have a question raise in your mind to know the statistic like how much time you will daily spend on WhatsApp. Now you are able to get all this statistic like data sent, message sent or received etc. Easily. For this only you have need to download the application “WhatStat” from the link below and you are able to get now all the WhatsApp statistics.


WhatStat Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidappetizers.whatstat

If you think I have missed any valuable tricks in this list then please give your contribution and make the list larger by sharing amazing WhatsApp tricks in the comment box below.


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