How to make a WordPress website load with Lightning fast


Today’s internet users want fast loading time of any website. As a developer, first we must make ensure that we are apply our best method to serve the pages quickly. In this article, I am sharing the tips- how to make a WordPress website load with lightning fast.

Have you ever noticed that the loading time of a website? Just browse through any sites and click on some pages. After that you will fell the loading problem, if it is present on that website. You can check also website exact loading time by some tools. One tool is PINGDOM TEST to know exact loading time. Just open the link below and put your website URL here and click on “Test Now” button.

See the screenshot of my blog load test: Pingdom Test

First before proceed, I want to break the myth that only fast server is enough to make the website loading fast. Yeah, it is necessary that need a good server but many much more things contribute to make the WordPress website loading faster.

 1. Uses of CDN:

Content Delivery Network- CDNCDN stands for content delivery system. CDN is a network of server who servers your website and its assets by selecting the best location according to your user’s location. CDN select user’s closet data centre and then serve the website assets in front of them. Below is the list of some popular CDN, if you want then use that:

2. Minify your JavaScript and CSS:

minify JS and CSSWhen we design a website then the all code is written for human understandable. But browsers don’t care about its syntactically correct or proper arrangement. Try to remove all the spaces and tabs used in coding, it may reduce few KB of file. Optionally you can also able to minify the code to speed up the website performance up-to some extent.

There are some tools or plugins available for WordPress, which makes possible to minify your JavaScript and CSS. Some are listed below:

3. Optimize Images:

Optimize imageMany times images can be very big in size and if you don’t optimize these images in proper way then your website taking much longer to load. Optimizing images is the one of most helpful tricks to increase your website loading performance. I am recommended to use Photoshop to optimize images and save it for web and other devices. Also if possible then use width and height attributes with the images for enhance your website performance by tells the browser before the image loads of the surface needed to draw it. If you are using WordPress and don’t know how to optimize the images, then you can simply use some plugin who make this work easy for you.

4. Cache your website dynamic Content Pages:

Most of CMS generate HTML pages on the fly on each request. Request means the server parses, compiles and executes the PHP files. This requests slow down the first HTTP request response. To enhance the loading time of website we need to minimize these requests. The solution here is to use a good plugin that caches our website dynamically content pages statically on the hosted server and serve them on each request until it will expire or modified. Don’t worry, after installing plugin detects them and modified the pages accordingly to it. Check the below list of few popular plugins:

5. Optimize Server Settings for ultra-fast loading:

Server setting are configured by default to serve all the resources of the website. Resources go to browser get to catch and refresh them according they want to serve. By changing some server-side settings we can able to handle the requests. Set expiration date and time for resources then it will deliver resources faster. You can changing this settings by tweaking the .htaccess file. You can do it with the help of plugin named W3 Total Cache. You can handle this setting from the admin panel of WordPress. Next step is that what you can do with this plugin:

  • For static resources you need to set an expiry date for header of at least one week.
  • Set cache control and ETag header to tell the browser to cache static resources.
  • Enable GZip Compression to compress the big files to small

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