How to get unlimited free cloud storage backup

CloudBacko - free cloud storage software

Today I am going to write about the best and unlimited free cloud storage backup software. CloudBacko is the software which Backup SQL, MySQL, VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle, Exchange, & Files to. It combines Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon cloud etc. into a big space with unlimited free cloud storage.

CloudBacko is storing the data locally by encrypting it before storing on the cloud. It is very easy to retrieve your backup data from a web browser across the world anytime.

CloudBacko unlimited free cloud storage backup Features:

1. It combines all the cloud drives into a one space:

You have need an unlimited free cloud storage backup? Then CloudBacko is the best option for you. CloudBacko free cloud storage combines all the cloud drives into a one big space. Anytime when you feel to need more space to your new or existing account, make the size larger or set it unlimited.

2. Easily create backup using a web browser across the globe:

It doesn’t need to install any extra software on your computer, you can do all the things from backup to restore using your web browser. This saves your time and also you can able to create backup from anytime and anywhere across the globe.

3. All the data are encrypted to the maximum level:

All the data are encrypted to the maximum level to provide a strong security. Even NASA, is also not able to penetrate the security level and failed to access the backup data which stored in CloudBacko. No lazy encryption keys used to backed up the file. It ensure that your data is unbreakable by anyone.

4. Ultra lightning fast speed:

CloudBacko works on multi-thread technologies, which boosting the speed of backed up data. It makes possible to backup the data with ultra-lightning fast speed. Its data accessing is also lightning fast.

5. Local and multi-destination cloud backup with Zero data loss:

To prevent data loss like disaster happening, it makes the copies of backup at various off-site and local destinations. CloudBack make this work possible by creating concurrent and sequential of your backed up data to multiple destinations.

6. Crystal clear reporting and Insights:

Using CloudBacko’s reporting tool, you are able to get crystal clear reporting and insights details of your backup data. It’s reporting and Insights tool consists of backup reports, restore reports, logs and errors, usage trends etc.

7. Keeping unlimited versions of your backup data for forever:

Its gives you access to define how long you want to keep the historical versions of you’re backed up data. And you get also an excellent feature that is kept these data forever in CloudBacko free cloud storage service, if needed.

If you like this post then share with your friend and enjoy the unlimited free cloud storage backup software. Leave your comment how much this post is helpful for you. Keep reading for more updates.

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