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3 unique ways to improve your YouTube video visibility


So you have a YouTube channel! That’s great. But are you not able to improve the number of viewers? Well, it is frustrating indeed! Are you looking for ways to increase the views or searching for ways to optimize it?

Bingo! You are on the right page.

Here we will discover the three ways that can help you to improve the number of viewers of the YouTube video content.

So, let’s get started

Rule Number 1: Do not forget to add the location to your videos

Are you thinking why? Well, adding the location on each and every video helps in making the videos searchable to the local viewers. Therefore, you are going to get genuine views. Rather than focusing on getting 10,000 views, you can focus more into getting 100 genuine views as it will further help to grow your business.

How to do it? Well, in order to add location on the existing videos, you need to visit YouTube Video Manager > Edit (just next to the video). Now just beneath the video, click Advanced Settings > Type your location and you are geographically searchable to your local viewers.

Rule Number 2: Optimize the Video Title and the description keeping in mind about the character counts

This is another simplest way to optimize the YouTube videos. All you need is to make sure that the descriptions and title of the video are written to reach the goal. Not only it needs to convey the right message but also character count plays a huge role.

Video Description:

Don’t forget to write a great video description. Treat it like a king as this gives an opportunity to increase the views. Moreover, YouTube checks both the title and description for the relevant terms based on which they rank the videos.

You can add over 100 words in the description, but you need to keep in mind that only the first two lines are visible to the viewers. Hence, your message needs to be conveyed to the viewers in the first two lines in order to get a good number of viewers.

Optimized Video Title and Description

Video Title:

YouTube gives you the right to add title that is upto 100 characters long. But it is always suggested to make it less than 70 characters. The best would be if you are able to put a catchy title which has just 50 characters.

Here are the ticks that will help to write catchy titles:

  • You can emphasize on long tail keywords
  • You can ask questions to the viewers
  • You can write the title in a way that it seems like a solution
  • Write the title like a case study
  • You can use numbers like top 5

Don’t forget to use your creativity. Keep experimenting with video titles.

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Rule Number 3: Customize Embedded YouTube Video to more watch time

When the YouTube Videos are embedded on your website, the links, suggestions and titles in video player can drive many viewers from your site. But no more you need to think about it as now you can just add the parameters to your iframe code in order to reduce the distractions.

Make sure that you remove the video suggestion present at the end of your video

There you will find the parameter [rel] that controls whether the suggested YouTube videos are appearing at the end  of embedded video. This will help the viewers to concentrate and prevent from distraction due to unwanted videos.

Don’t forget to remove the title of the videos:

You need to hide the video title. In order to do it automatically, you need to add a few parameters to the iframe code.

Bottom Line:

According to a research, it has been found that over 5 billion videos are watched by viewers on a daily basis and this is one such platform that receives over 30 million visitors each and every day. In order to improve the visibility of your videos and get more traffic don’t forget to customize your videos as it has been recommended.

In such a wide number of audience, when customization is done properly, you will be in profit.


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