Content Ideas or creation is a booming realm and just like me, there are millions of other people out there who wants to create their own blogging network. Well, blogging is definitely entertaining but coming up with new ideas constantly becomes a nightmare.

Undoubtedly, this is exhausting if you are someone who has been constantly twisting and turning the nerves of your brain just to find new ideas. Even in a research it has been found that most of the marketers struggle to find content ideas.

And this is a real-time struggle!!!

Just like me, if you are someone who posts contents on a daily basis, then these tools can become a great partner for you. No more you need to put that heavy weighed question mark on your brain.

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator:

Well, this is the first name that comes in my find when it comes to generating ideas for my contents. Needs no additional introduction, as it is very easy to use and results are in front of your eyes within seconds.

All you need to do is to enter nouns in the three search boxes.HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Well, since I am always into marketing, so as usual I made my search on “Digital Marketing”Blog Topic Generator

Awesome! Within few seconds, these were the results that Hubspot generated for me. This is simply great and amazingly easy.

Give it a try now!!!

2. BuzzSumo:

Another incredibly effective tool for content marketers that can proffer results as per your needs. If you ask me personally, then yes, I have been using this tool for years. It is much more than just showing results for your marketing topic.

Here You Can Also Find:

·         You can find the trending contents on the same keyword

·         Finds out the key sharers

·         Shows the backlinks

·         Reveals the number of people who have shared the contents and in short the social engagement in the post.

Hence, you can find out exactly readers are looking for.buzzsumo

Again as usual my search was on Digital Marketing and here is what it showed.buzzsumo blog topic generator

Isn’t it incredible? You can exactly find out when, where and by whom was the content posted. Moreover, it gives a complete picture of social engagement.

Well, they have many features in their bucket, but to acquire bigger picture, you need to opt for the Pro version.

Trust me! It is worth investing every penny.

3. UberSuggest:

Yet another simple topic generating tool for the marketers.

No need to Google “How to use UberSuggest” or “Look for manual section” as the simple userface suggest everything just as soon as you visit the page.

Just enter your keyword and you get dozens of results. Here is a screenshot for you.ubersuggest

As you can see it is very easy to understand.

So my keyword was as usual Digital Marketing and the results were in front of me in a blink.ubersuggest blog topic generator

Well, this tool will not give the search engine engagement information, but when it comes to blog topics, you will never run out of ideas.

UberSuggest is a great choice for people who have just stepped in the content creation world. Great to start as it gives you uncountable ideas.

4. Alltop:

This is another tool available to help you find the right topic for your content. Well the homepage is a bit messy and that might confuse you.

It contains all the happening news throughout the world. Well, this tool have it all from spiritual to mechanical from science to religion, everything you can find here.

alltop blog topic generator tool

Don’t get confused, all you need is to find your keyword. In the top right, you need to write down the keyword and it will give you results.

So, I wrote Digital Marketing and then it showed another pagealltop blog topic generator

I clicked Branding, as my genre is much more into Branding.

This was the results produced within seconds.alltop blog topic online generator tool

In the top left of the result page you will find “Most Popular Stories”.

You can just ckick in order to find more ideas. This is much popular in the market because of its effective and current results.

To be very precise, tons of ideas that you get from these tools can boost your results.

So what are you waiting for? Try it today and start blogging today. For creating blog how to choose best hosting provider, to know more details about hosting read our post:  How you will select the best option for your WordPress Hosting?

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