Xender- A file transfer app for android.


In a world where data transfer takes only few seconds on the internet. Transferring data from a mobile to another takes few minutes and sometimes hours using Bluetooth. While the newer and more effective version of Bluetooth is still awaited. You might consider an alternative option. This option is that I will be talking about is only available for Android Phones, Known as Xender. It is 50 times faster than Bluetooth & is free for download. Xender is one of the best file transfer app for android phones and through it you can now transfer data like songs, videos, pictures and documents from one android mobile to another.

Xender was earlier known as Flash Transfer. It does not require 3G/4G or any kind of data connection. It supports Android version of 2.2 or higher. All you need is a WIFI connection and you are good to go.

How to Install?

  • Go to Google play Store on your Android hand held device.
  • Launch the App. You will see a welcome screen, which will ask you to set your profile picture and enter your name. You do have the option to select an avatar, if you do not have any pictures for your profile.
  • Now your android phone is ready to send and receive files using Xender.

How to use this file transfer app?

  • In order to use it, both you and your friend should have Xender installed on your respective device.
  • Next step is to open Xender and ask your friend to also open it.
  • Click/Tap on “Connect Friends” and then you will see two options. The first one will be “Create Group” and the second one “Join one”. Click/Tap on  “Create Group”
  • When you select “Create Group” it will allow you set up a sharing group.
  • Now your friend should get a notification on Xender that you are online.
  • Ask your friend to Click/Tap on “Connect Friends”
  • After it’s done, ask your friend to Click/Tap next to your profile name on Xender.
  • That’s it, you both are connected on Xender and now you either can receive or send files.

What else you get?

  • Share and receive files with multiple friends simultaneously.
  • Free Service, no cost involved. Except your WIFI cost.
  • Swipe & Share feature. You can also share files by just shaking your phone.
  • Now you can also share your favourite Android apps with your friends.
  • Browse all files and folders easily, which are stored on your device.
  • Awesome user interface.
  • Share your history.

If you are searching for an alternative that is powerful and effective, Xender is the app that you need to download from Google Play Store. It is not only faster than Bluetooth, but also provides you with a list of features that always come handy. I hope this post is helpful and informative. If in case I have missed any add-ons that help user avoid being tracked online then please leave a comment.


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