How you can post messages to multiple social network sites at once?


It’s always easy to manage a single social network sites. Add a post from your blog or your website, submit it, track and respond to comments and it’s done. Things become complicated, when you need to do the same with multiple social network sites. Submitting a single post can become a full time job of its own.  

Thanks to technology, now you can manage all your social network sites using only one tool. There are plenty tools available that can sync with all your social network sites account, through which you can update and monitor all your accounts at your convenience. The below following are the tools that you can use for managing your social media accounts.


Buffer Social Network Sites app

Buffer is not a free tool, it offer an inexpensive Individual account and a three tier business account. It’s a mobile app that helps you in scheduling post for future distribution. The individual version of this app is perfectly suitable for any one, who has a small team and a handful of social media profiles.


Hootsuite Social Network Sites app

It’s one of the most effective and robust social media managing tools. The free version allows you to manage five social media accounts. Through HootSuite you can manage all your social media profile on every known social networking site. It allows you to schedule your posts, customize text and respond to comment & messages. With HootSuite, it’s easy to respond to comment and messages as they are all compiled in one location.


Spreadfast Social Network Sites app

This is an outstanding tool for those, who are looking to gather data like post reach and post engagement for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. The data is presented in the form of graphs. It also provides Advanced Analytical tool and useful features like calendar, which gives information about optimal tweeting time.


socialoomph Social Network Sites app

This app is available for free, but you can also opt for the paid professional version that has ton of tools, to help you with your social media activities. SocailOomph allows you to schedule tweets for the entire day and auto-follow your new followers. You can combine Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, plurk and your blog into one spot on the dashboard and schedule post or monitor social media activity.

Out of all the above tools, HootSuite is the most popular Social Medial Management tool. The reason behind its popularity is, it can execute campaigns across Multiple Social Networking sites from one dashboard, which is web based. It also helps you to track conversation, measure campaign results, offers a built-in analytic system and the capability to schedule posts on all platform. 

This does not mean that you should not look into other tools discussed in this post. Every tool is unique and depending on your requirement, you can use one of them. I hope this post is informative and in case if I missed on any tool that you feel, should be added to the post. Then please leave your comments. Thanks for reading.

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