YouTube Ads: What Marketers Need to Know About YouTube Advertising

youtube advertising

YouTube has managed to become one of the biggest search engines and social media sites in the world, and established itself as an incredible marketing tool. As a part of the Google’s cyber realm, videos posted there have high visibility and are easy to find via organic search. Many are those trying to produce the next viral video, and discover emerging trends, but what about YouTube advertising? Well, these ads tend to convert viewers at solid rates, and their cost-effectiveness overshadows many other marketing methods.  

With Flying Colors

Video marketing has been regarded as an excellent mean to capture attention, and leave a lasting impression. Our brains are quite adept at processing visual information, and with attention spans of modern user dramatically shortened, it is obvious that video content has a head start in the marketing race. Take the example of the Dollar Shave Club, an anonymous startup that has launched a viral promotional video or the ad for the Squatty Potty, which gathered millions of views on social media.

It all starts with the clear idea about the goal you want to achieve. You cannot target everyone, and attempt to accomplish a dozen of things simultaneously. Do not spread yourself too thin, and narrow your focus. There are educational videos, those that only aim at selling the product, and pieces of content that are meant to entertain. The window of opportunity closes fast, so there is not much room for errors. Luckily, the basic formula is as simple as ABC. First, you need to spark interest, continue by presenting a problem, and finally offer a solution for it. Done right, this process can be repeated several times over the course of the ad.

Furthermore, the delivery of your ads goes via AdWords, which is a part of the Google Ads Display Network. Depending on the setup, you will be able to harness the great potential of remarketing and retargeting. So, for example, those who upload the email lists to custom audience list can take advantage of the fact that YouTube has a higher match rate than Facebook. The trick, of course, is to target potential customers based on their previous behavioral patterns. For example, people who have displayed an interest by visiting your website, but have not purchased anything, are the right fit for your ad.

Channeling the Power

The art of redirecting internet traffic is one of the mainsprings of the marketing success. That is why so many marketers invest time and money in creating a video funnel, and guiding people through the labyrinth of the decision-making process. Bear in mind that your ads can be shown in embedded videos on other reputable websites.  What is more, Google only charges you if a viewer clicks on the ad or watches 30 seconds of it. This means that you can gain top-notch exposure for free, or at least a price that is low compared to the benefits offered.

This is not to say you should shy away from paying good money for video ads. Just start with a lower figure and see to it that every marketing dollar is well spent. A reputable New York SEO agency argues that the key is to figure out how your ad is doing. This involves a whole lot of analyzing and adjusting. It might be a good idea to conduct split testing, and opt for an ad that shows promise in terms of conversions.  You do not want to back the wrong horse or put too many eggs in one basket. So, increase the spending only if all the indicators are urging you to do so.

Finally, mind that you can transform any video on your channel into an ad. This is a sound choice because you already have a clear picture about the popularity and appeal of the content. Just pay attention to few other crucial aspects — ad length and the location you want it to show up. One has a wide array of possibilities in the form of Zip codes, IP addresses, regions, countries, cities, etc. Do not forget that the mobile searches have surpassed desktop ones, and that you cannot afford to neglect smartphone and tablet users. There is nothing more tragic than the fate of a killer ad which is improperly targeted.

The Spellbinding Allure  

Discovering what works in social media advertising is a process of trial and error, but on the brighter note, we can rely on seasoned marketers and reputable experts in the field. The goal of social ads is to encourage a certain action of viewers once viewers finish watching your video. Conversion rates on YouTube can do wonders for enhancing your online presence, making this platform a must-have tool.  Get easy ranking and boost the visibility because video viewing is not showing any signs of slowing down. On the contrary, YouTube, as the pinnacle of the internet visual allure, is only going to get bigger, and will continue to generate a tremendous amount of buzz around viral ads.

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