Why Linux is a powerful operating System?


If you are planning to choose any other operating system than Windows or Apple OS, then you can choose Linux. They have all the features in Linux, which you can’t think on Windows OS. Why Linux is a powerful operating System? Some points are mentioned below:

 Dual OS fun:-

Linux is open source operating system, which is the biggest benefit is that you need not pay any extra cost, as well as Windows does not take a license. Due to the free operating system Linux is no more hassle of piracy. Also, if you’re Windows PC or laptop, then you can install Linux on a separate drive.

No need of rebooting:-

Whenever you install software in Windows OS PC or laptop when you reboot Windows gives the message. If there are urgent and have to reboot the PC, it comes quite angry at the time, but is not the case with Linux. After you install any software does not shows any pop-up message. 

Processing speed remains intact:-

How many hours you play on your PC or laptop, but Linux never gets tired. Often running Windows PC or laptop for several hours after it gets slow or seems to hang. Also, like Windows Temp files to delete the registry files or any third-party software does not need to install the Windows directory in a few months after the start of such Problems is common.

Choose a customized Linux:-

Windows is available in many version, like windows Linux is also come with many version, but difference is only between them is all windows version is customized by Microsoft whereas Linux versions are customized  by all the distributors companies according to their amenities. Linux operating system customized according to your need you can select edition. On the Internet there are many such communities, will help users to choose their customized edition.

All Hardware’s Support:-

You will notice that Windows XP and earlier Windows versions whenever you connect a new device or hardware, Then he asked for that driver installation to install the driver. But there is nothing new with Linux. It is compatible like Windows. On the Linux printer, scanner, including Xbox controls all devices that can run with abandon.

Re – installation goodbye:-

Upgrade the RAM or motherboard upgrade to Windows, Windows Software’s – asks to install, but is not the case with Linux. The unique feature of Linux is that Windows cannot yet imagine. Also, Linux users can run from Pen drive. If you do not want to install Linux, then Pen drive also can be run on the PC or laptop. Additionally, after installing Linux on PC upgrade on any of the drives again – do not require installation.

Easy Software Installation:-

To install software in Linux user can use the synaptic package manager. So recently launched its own application store for Windows, but Linux has in a long time. According to your need, you can install them and find software’s. In addition, the Software is downloaded with the original root. If you know about Linux codes, then route them through software’s can suit the Challenges.

The files maintained by the timestamp:-

When you want to see which file was access last time, to see files in Windows, you have to look at the properties, but in Linux by means of touch command in timestamp activity you can  check the log files. In addition, Windows can allow writing only 260 characters in the file name but in Linux there is no limit.

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