How to share securely your info using Privnote?


Perhaps you have want to transmit confidential important information within your work atmosphere , to family group or simply friends , but also were nervous to do this over the web , due to the fact that a few malicious hacker could possibly be spying on you ? But now I am come with a solution How to share securely your info using Privnote?

Privnote is an absolutely free on-line program that will allow you to transmit top secret information over the web. It’s fast, hassle-free, and needs no password as well as user sign up at all.

Only create your personal note, and you’ll generate a web link. Next you copy and paste that web link into an e-mail (or instant message) that you simply transmit to the individual that you wish to view the note. Whenever that person clicks on the web link for the very first time, they will find out the note in their web browser therefore the note will automatically self-destruct ; that means absolutely no one ( even that the same person who create that message ) will be able to view the note for a second time . The web link won’t work ever again. 

You can easily optionally tend to be alerted at the time your note is view by departing your e-mail including a reference for the note.

Its security is very high and made by keeping security in mind. That’s reason, if you want to transmit the same note to more than one individual, then you can’t do that. For doing this you must need to create more than one note with the same message and then transmit the notes one by one. That’s the reason it is more secure and private.

In any way it is not possible to view a recently read note using browser history, the back button event or the recently closed tabs action. After once note is viewed by the recipient then no way to read once again because it is self-destructing after view.

After a period of 30days all unread notes are deleted automatically from the Privnote Server. Now Privnote is available in Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, English and German.

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