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Top 5 Instagram Apps for Creating Instagram Stories in 2020

Instagram Stories App 2020

Today, you will come to know about the stories behind all those beautiful Instagram stories. Till date, you were just amazed, but now know the truth behind them. Instagram stories are a fun and creative way to depict a personality or a business in front of the world. The world sees life in pictures and videos. You might have noticed that these pictures and videos appear for 24 hours. The option has gained a lot of popularity lately.

Today, you will find a wide variety of apps, to suit your needs. They are available on Android as well as on iOS.Moreover, you can add animation, photo and video effects.

1. Let’s Talk About Inshot – The Instagram App Today

Inshot Instagram App for Stories

This is an uber-cool photo and video editing app. You will find after some research, that it is one of the best apps for your photo-editing work for Instagram. You can find some of the best easy-to-design features with this app.

The InShot video editor has a range of features, that will put older apps to shame. You can also add music and special effects. Moreover, there are various options, of filters, editors, cut, split, and merge functions. Speed control is another feature that is worth mention here. Moreover, you can make slow-motion videos as well as fast track ones.

The app also comes with its share of emojis and stickers. That is quite likely to lend a cool look to the app features. If you are just starting off, this could be a great addition to the already-installed apps on your phone. Its available on both platforms and is on top.

2. Unfold – The Instagram Stories Creating App That Most People Are Using

unfold Instagram App for StoriesThe Instagram Stories editor has some free and premium features. You can explore them today. You will find minimalistic templates without going over the top. You can create video edits and photos, with this app. This is an excellent app to start with. Moreover, you do not need to set up an account for this. Just download and start creating and editing. You can find this on both iOS and Android. The best Instagram Stories Creating App is here.

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3. StoryArt – Highest Rated Instagram Video Editing App

StoryArt Instagram App for StoriesYou can create some wonderful stories with this app today. Moreover, it is one of the highest-rated apps today. You can use this app very easily. There are a number of pre-set templates that you can use for your Instagram stories today. There are various options to add design effects as well. That is a double bonanza. Furthermore, you can also add text, themes, filters, and designs. The app is there both on Android and iOS. This is one of the top Instagram Video Editing App.

4. ADOBE Spark Is Another Top App

ADOBE Spark instagram app storiesAdobe already has made a name for itself in the editing and printing segment. Till date, the company produced more of software for pcs and laptops. But today it has come up with the apps for phones. To stay ahead of the competition. You can install this app on your phone and enjoy the benefits that come along. Adobe Spark post and video apps are too good for Instagram stories. You can now add video clips, and also combine pictures like a collage. Make video stories with the app. Moreover, you can add numerous effects to the pictures. There are several fonts and animations, that you can add now. For videos, you can also add sounds. There are a lot of themes for you to use for these app. That is a great story, altogether.

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5. PhotoGrid Is Another One On Top

PhotoGrid Instagram App for StoriesToday, you can also edit videos and photos with PhotoGrid app. You can use this app quite easily. This is indeed easy to use today. You can create picture and video clips. Your Instagram stories can get as exciting as ever with these photo and video-editing apps today.

There are a lot of filters, stickers, fonts, and photo effects that you can make use of. There are features like clipping, and also removing picture from background. You will be amazed by the fun it offers. Moreover, if you are creating selfies, you can beautify the pictures as well. That is quite a lot. This is a top Instagram app.

If you are actively pursuing Influencing on Instagram then you have to get these apps on your phone. The platform is slowly making a shift from just photo stories to videos. So, photos are a passe. Instagram has already got 1 billion monthly users today. More than 500 million people watch it on a daily basis. That calls for celebrations today. You need these apps on your phone today, to stay ahead in the rat race. More so, if you are an influencer. Create high-quality photos and videos with these apps and take benefit.

Garner a cool response from onlookers. That will make your day. Moreover, you can garner a lot followers through stories.

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