Top 7 Best Tips and Tricks for Chrome on Android

Tips and Tricks for Chrome on Android

Google Chrome, the browser is one of the most popularly used one in our times. You can operate it on mobile devices and on pcs. Moreover, you already know of its ease of use. You can customize it as well. Most people use it as their default browser on mobile devices as well as computers. Many of you out there, think that it is lagging behind on mobiles, but wait. There are more sides to it. Today we will give you some of the best android chrome tips.

However, we move ahead with the tips and tricks, a statistical data might interest you further. Google Chrome has 64.65 % market share as of September 2020. The browser has much on offer, including games, speed, and ease of use. Moreover, most Android phones come pre-installed. The android mobile chrome browser,is best in class.

7 Best Tips And Tricks For Chrome On Android

Let us find out more about the android tips today.

  • Switch Tabs With A Swipe On Android Mobile Chrome Browser

When we are thinking about convenience, this is the first thing that comes to mind. So, you thought that the only way is to press the tabs button, and select the one you want to checkout. Broaden your horizon. One of the android tricks include swiping left and right across the address bar. Moreover, you can also swipe down o the bar to reveal the list of tabs.

  • Close And Open Tabs More Quickly

Now, things are getting interesting. You probably thought that, you can open new tabs and close existing ones by pressing the tab button. However, if you devote some more time, you do get multiple options. The quicker method is to hold down the tabs button, while a menu appears on screen. It contains all the new options. You can even create new incognito tabs without leaving the present screen. That is fun!

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  • Use Multiple Windows

If you are using Android 10 or Samsung DeX, then you might come across this. They contain a multi-window environment. You can open multiple Google Chrome pages, however not as seamlessly. The experience seems to be much better on desktop, Linux, or any other OS. However, if you knew about the chrome browser tricks, you would never say that.If you are on desktop mode, ‘Move to other windows’ option appears onscreen. You can press and move the current window.

  • Save Pages As PDF Files

Sometimes, you may feel the need to save some information from the page. Are you still fumbling, how to do it? Stop here. Use the print functionality that is paired with Android’s ‘Print as PDF’ feature. You are good to go with this one. This will help you to generate a page in PDF. You can then share the page via the share button.

  • Zoom On Any Website

Many of you might be looking for optimized viewing options. Generally, mobiles do not allow that. Just open the settings of Chrome on your Android, and tap accessibility. Then, ‘Force enable zoom’ function pops up. Feel free to zoom on any page that you like. Now, that is one cool trick from amongst the android tricks.


  • Quick Scrolling with “Find in Page”

Just swipe up and down to find a page. This is applicable for the ‘Find in page’ option on Chrome. Just swipe up and down on the right bar to scroll quickly. Android chrome browser tricks cannot get better than this.

  • Add Custom Search Engine

Chrome has a few options of search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, today you can add your own as well. Just visit any website on your Android Browser, with a search help, and check search engine section of Chrome’s settings. It will come on the selector page automatically, if the website gives Chrome its search query information. Now, you can set the default page as eBay or any other top shopping page. Now, you can easily access all the information. This is one of the most searched chrome browser tricks.

So, now you know of the coolest android tips. Chrome is a very popular browser today. Moreover, these tips and tricks on Android will surely make navigation easier than before. Apart from the ones listed above, we can offer a host of others. They include dark mode, mute website sounds, lite mode, preload pages, tab groups, quick refresh, reader mode, translate, incognito, and website shortcut, to name a few.

More and more android tips are thronging the market today. You just have to keep your ears and eyes open to access the best chrome browser tricks.Today, things are moving too fast for comfort. And, it is all for good. So, why not explore these various tips and tricks for better mobile user experience.

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