Facebook Launches an Collage App E.gg to Design Webpages

Facebook Collage App E.gg to Design Webpages

You will be overwhelmed to know, that social media major Facebook has just launched its experimental app called E.gg app.You can currently access it in the USA. Moreover, Facebook is marketing the app as a new platform for creative expression of an individual. The social media giant seems to be knowing, what’s going on in people’s minds. Those of you, who are staying in the USA, can download the app via Apple store. Only iOS users will be able to access it as of now. The Facebook collage app is the new craze this season.

Get Wings Of Creativity With Facebook App

Now, users can create webpages of your own, with the E.gg app.This collage application gives the daily dose of freedom to creative minds. Moreover, you can share the webpages as well with others. That is an added bonus. Furthermore, now users will be able to check out it her user’s creations and also pick up the best elements from there.

There Is No Limit To Your Freedom Of Expression

Today, you can experiment like never before, with the collage app. You can curate images, gifs, texts, and various shapes. Those of you, who had previously used the beta version of the app, are having a great time creating recipe blogs, travel guides, and tribute pages.

Operating and working on the app, is quite easy. As you can do the webpage design, on your own, feel free to experiment. Bring out a whole new world. Amaze and surprise your friends and family, like none.

Facebook’s R & D team is describing the new tool as a ‘Digital Zine Creator.’ Moreover, other viewers can also view the webpages, even if they do not have the app installed on their phones. They can just visit the URL, and watch the creations.

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Creativity At Its Zenith – Facebook Collage App

This experimental new platform has been described by Facebook’s Product Manager as an experiment of sorts. The app seems to have drawn inspiration from Interwebz. In the early days, people used to check out the creative lot, with dancing gifs and more. However, now the whole scenario has changed.

Now, people like you can create things with a press and click of a button. Now, you don’t need to know about webpage platforms and learn complicated coding. Things are far simpler, than they used to be. You are the master of your own creativity.

Users fit images, texts, and gifs on a free canvas, then create an URL. Sharing them is a breeze today, with various share applications alike WhatsApp.

E.gg from the NPE team of Facebook is one hell of a creative tool. Once, you create these free form pages, with mixed media, expression becomes yours. Now, you can create ideas, without any constraints. Now, is the time to create, share and discover, all that you have in your mind.

If you were planning to launch that photo album of you travel sojourns, but was not getting the time and know-how. The time has come. So, you don’t need to hire a web designing company with a hefty amount. What you need is the app and the phone. All Apple users are likely to benefit from the app today. Get the best in technology by creating a webpage design.

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Problems With Beta App Stage Of The Facebook App

During the Beta app testing stage, artists were facing a slew of problems. They were mostly related to copyright issues. Many artists claimed, that other artists were stealing their work. At that time, people were able to steal other people’s gifs without any permission. Facebook had taken note of the issues, back then. The social media platform announced, that they had released the app in beta phase, to check the issue.

After getting due feedback, the social media giant seems to have corrected these. With the Facebook collage app, the company actually stopped the propagation to other mediums, until all issues were solved. As, per recent reports, Facebook seems to have taken care of the problems.

One of the main reasons, why Facebook created this app, is to attract youngsters. Youngsters are free-spirited and do not want to spend time and money on unnecessary things. However, colors do attract youngsters. And, that is Facebook’s target market today. The massive dip in users, prompted the social media giant to launch the collage app. Currently, the app is in its experimental stages and limited to the USA. It is a funky presentation from the NPE team.

You have to see it to believe it. This app has created a furore in creative minds in the USA. So, wait for it, and get the chance to explore the medium to your delight. All iOS users can brace for it and have fun.

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