Top 4 Social Media Trends That Will Rule in 2018


Simple text and simple image updates are no more effective for the social media platforms as with advancement, things have changed a lot. With the emergence of new technologies and shift in the online demographics, the entire tactics that used to work five years ago are now in the pages of history. Therefore in order to keep your brand on its edge, you require following social media trends. So, let’s look at the trendy ways of staying ahead in 2018.

Live Streaming:

This is no more a secret that video is an amazing way to gather more and more eyes on you. It has become a trendy way to market you product or brand, but beyond video, live streaming is another video application which passes in the social media like storm. With the latest live streaming capabilities and more focus in making video contents, live streaming has tremendously grown. Just like the way live videos on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr has seen to perform well. In a study it has been observed that 82% of the audience prefer live videos on the social posts and therefore this is going to rule in the coming year.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality:

It has been observed that 40 million people in the United States gave been engaged with some kind of augmented reality. With the real time camera effects and the lens features, Snapchat has already made a huge push in the sphere. Another huge example is the Pokemon Go that has experimented in augmented reality as well. In 2018 the availability of virtual reality and augmented reality will make new opportunities for the marketers in order to make more interactive and engaging contents on the social platforms.

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Messaging and Chatbots:

In the world of latest social media landscape, personalization is the only key, especially when it comes to messaging. In a study, it has shown that over two billion messages are being sent every month between businesses and people via chatbots. This is very simple AI interface that specialize in processing natural language. Just like less sophisticated Cortana and Siri. These messaging apps are used by the business as these automated replies are satisfying to answer individual questions and provide the necessary information. When this is done in a proper way, the bots also allow businesses to text audience in some other immediate way and with better personalized level.

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Influencer Marketing:

The key to reach customer, is by gaining their trust. This is the reason why, most of the brands try to earn customers trust and one of the most effective ways is by influencer marketing. In a research it has been found that almost 45% of the online shoppers tell that they are being influenced by others opinion and 84% of the millennial do not pay attention to the traditional way of advertisement. In the coming year, it can be expected that more and more brands will be partnering with the influencers and accept this tactics across various channels as one of the authentic ways of building customer relationships.

So these are some of the latest and highly effective Social media trends that are expected to raise the marketing bar in 2018. Don’t forget to apply these few as your marketing tricks in order to gain more audience.

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